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10 benefits of a virtual office for your law firm



For a law firm, creating the right impression is everything as it can decide whether you gain a new client or lose one. The location your firm is situated in plays a big part in creating this impression. If you’re a new firm, or one looking to cut costs, consider a virtual office as a possible way forward. Read the following steps to see how a virtual office can help you.

Cutting the costs

Perhaps the biggest factor is the money you will save on rent. A Virtual office is a much more cost-effective alternative to renting a full-time office but provides many of the same benefits. A virtual office is an extremely useful resource if you’re a new firm or one looking to cut costs but keep the benefits of a traditional office.

New incentives for clients

By saving on renting, you can charge more competitive hourly rates, or offer promotions, helping you to stand out and bringing in new custom.

A prime location boosts your image

Impressions are important for a law firm. By being in a prime location, you will be seen in the eyes of consumers as competing with the biggest firms. A virtual office provides the bonuses of a postcode and phone number associated with a prime location, without the huge rental costs. Consider BE Offices for a selection of high quality virtual offices in prime locations across the UK.

Receptionist services

A professional reception service will set your firm apart from the rest, giving clients the right impression. Virtual offices include a reception service, without the hassle of setting up, hiring and managing staff. You will have the confidence to know that important calls will be handled expertly and forwarded to you.

A professional environment

With a virtual office, you have the option of renting out a room within the actual office space whenever you need it. Meaning you can meet clients face to face in a prestigious location and carry out staff meetings on an ad hoc basis.

Taking the hassle out of office set up

Setting up a new office with all the necessary equipment can be a costly and stressful affair. A virtual office provides the benefit of working from home, or from a satellite office without the problem of setting up in the city.

Invest in experience

By saving money on rent and travel expenses, your firm can afford to pay higher salaries, attracting more experienced lawyers, which in turn will draw more clients. It’s a win-win situation.

More scope for promotions

Another advantage to cost reduction, is that you can spend more on advertising and growing your firm, planning bigger and better marketing campaigns. Again, giving you a leg up over your competitors.

Creative new ways of working

A virtual office also has the benefit of introducing new, creative ways of working. As suggested by LexisNexis, a law firm can rent a small office in a cheaper location, as well having a virtual office, giving space for attorneys to work, whilst other staff work from home. With home working, there’s real opportunity to make the most of new technologies, like conferencing software.

Less absentees

If you make use of working from home, you have the added advantage of cutting out commuting times, meaning people are not delayed in traffic or due to slow trains. Research carried out by The Cartridge people, also suggests that people working from home take less sick leave than those in the office.


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