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The Relevance of User Experience in Web Design



There are plenty of elements to consider in web design. From the colours to the typeface, all of them play a role in crafting an aesthetically pleasing page. However, it’s not the only thing that matters in web design. User experience also has a significant role. It’s about the experience of every visitor in navigating the page. If it’s a fantastic experience, the user might decide to explore the whole page and eventually buy the products and services. Otherwise, you could lose a potential buyer.

The page should load quickly 

The first thing to consider when designing the website is how quickly it will load when opened. Humans are generally impatient. If it takes a long time to open the page, they will leave the site and look for other options. The average speed is around 3 seconds. If it goes beyond that, the visitor will close the site. To eliminate this problem, a new host might be necessary. Removal of other elements might also help speed things up. If some pictures and videos are too heavy, they might have to go.

The page should be easy to navigate

Going around different pages on the site shouldn’t be a problem. Finding the necessary information immediately will help improve the user experience. If it takes time to locate the specific details, it could be a problem. No one will go through the trouble of finding details on a website if other options are available. If your competitors can present everything in a more organised manner, they will be the preferred choice. Creating subgroups would be useful. Guiding the visitors to the right page would also make it easier for them to find what they want.

It speaks volume about customer service

One of the reasons why people trust a brand is because it has excellent customer service. It shows that the business invests in giving customers a pleasant experience. When the website is easy to use, people will assume that the company also has good customer service. It increases people’s trust in the brand and will entice them to patronise the products and services.

People are always on the go

Focusing on the responsiveness of the website when opened in mobile devices is also essential. Most people use their phones to search for information and other transactions. If the website is unresponsive on mobile devices, it could have terrible consequences. You can lose potential customers in the process.

Analyse your website now and see if it offers a good user experience. You can ask other people also to try it out. Find out if they have positive feedback. If they do, the website is good enough. Otherwise, you can make changes based on the recommendations. You may also partner with a web design Oxford company to improve the overall web design. With experts at your side, you can expect positive changes. Constantly evaluate the user’s experience when browsing the page and determine what else you can do to make them come back.


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