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2020 Jeep Roundup: Best Jeep Wrangler Accessories



If there’s one thing Wrangler fans love, it’s the chance to customize their favorite ride for every possible occasion. Whether your build is a surf wagon, trail rider, an overlanding sleeper or one of the many personalized build setups that are out there, a few core accessories stand out for every serious outdoor enthusiast. Here are your must-have add-ons for 2020.

A Winch in a Pinch

If you’re going out into the great unknown, you want to be able to pull yourself out of a tight spot. That makes a winch essential, since it gives you the means to pull your Jeep Wrangler out of a jam as long as you can find an anchor point. If you’re traveling with another vehicle or you can see the need to tow in your future, consider a winch/hoist combo to give yourself the versatility of both devices in a single package. Curious about other winch for Jeep Wrangler options? Browse today to find the right model for your Jeep.

Upgraded Wheels and Tires

Terrain-specific tires are a great investment for anyone who plans on overlanding, trail riding, or doing anything else that requires navigating off-road terrain. In many cases, the best tire for the job isn’t one you’ll want to put asphalt miles on, too. That’s why many Wrangler owners opt for an upgraded tire and wheel combo. With a specific off-road Jeep Wrangler wheel tire combo, you can swap between your commuter kit and your off-road build with just a short changeover routine, allowing you to use the best tires for the job in every driving situation.

Fender Flares for Rain and Mud

Wrangler fender flares are just as useful as they are stylish, which is why you should consider a set even if you’re not that interested in customizing your Jeep‘s style lines. The right flares keep spray from mud and water from creating a visibility and navigation issue as you move through heavy rain or mucky deep trail sections in and near wetlands. They’re a must-have if you go off-road in any context, but they’re also a great idea if you’re ever running in areas that just have deep puddles in places.

Lift Kits: The Perennial Must-Have

Every Jeep Wrangler build that’s meant to tackle the outdoors needs a solid lift kit. Not every build needs the same lift, but it’s a good idea to add some suspension reinforcement and to do it in a way that lets you opt for a larger tire size for your off-road tires if need be. The solution is and has been a lift kit, so no matter what your final build looks to be, you need to budget for this essential item in any custom Wrangler build. Consider it an investment in durability that also helps you increase your options when you’re choosing the next round of upgrades for your vehicle.

Finding these basics shouldn’t be too hard, because they are high-demand additions to not only Jeep builds, but to just about every other off-road truck and SUV build out there. Check out your options today.

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