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7 Stress busting tips to help be prepared for a stolen wallet



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Losing your wallet is one of the most stressful situations known to modern man. We depend on it for so much more than just money… it is a place to keep family photos, where we store our cherished cards, and where our credit cards live. So whether you have a small coin purse or a multi-storey wallet, you don’t want to lose it.

The 7 Best Stress Busting Tips to Help you with a Stolen Wallet

No matter how big the wallet or how much money was in it, losing it is stressful. Here are our 7 best ways to get around that stress and get back to being yourself again.

1 – Preparation is the Key to Success

It is much easier to scour around downtown for a stolen or lost wallet if you have a photo of the item in question. Being prepared for a wallet theft simply means taking a photo of your purse, so that you can show people what it looks like, should the worst happen. Flashing a photo to the police is far better than describing your wallet, after all.

2 – Prepare some more

Thought that was all? Not at all. Take photographs or scans of all of the personal material you keep in your wallet, so that they can never truly be lost. The main thing we mourn is the loss of photos, so keep a copy separate and don’t carry the original around with you.

3 – Never Withdraw Too Much

Try not to keep too much cash on you at any given time. If your wallet is empty of all the things that would have stressed you out to lose, all that is left is the cash. You can stop any massive losses by paying with card wherever possible, therefore bypassing the need to withdraw cash to carry on you.

4 – Prepare your Numbers

On the back of each of your credit and bank cards, you should see a contact number that you are supposed to call in the event of a lost or stolen card. You could save yourself a fair amount of time in cancelling your cards if you already have these numbers stored in your phone. Definitely something to think about.

5 – Make a List

You should have a list of all of the cards that are in your wallet, so that you can pass this on to the police in the event of a theft. Keep this list at home, remember. If you keep it in your wallet or purse, then that defeats the purpose.

6 – Cancel Immediately

Don’t wait and wonder if it truly is lost, or if your wallet was stolen. Simply call and cancel your cards straight away. The worst thing about all of this is that the person who potentially stole your wallet now knows your address and personal details. Inform the police, then cancel everything. Some card companies even let you undo the cancellation within a certain time period.

7 – Act Fast

Acting quickly to cancel any forms of ID that were in your wallet can help ease your stress level. Ensure you have called the driving centre that issued your license, that you have contacted one of the major social security providers, and that things like your medical insurance are aware of your stolen ID.

If you do all of these things together, you should be able to keep the stress of losing your wallet to a minimum.

I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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