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3 Factors To Consider In Building Your Lifestyle RV



lifestyle RV

Lifestyle RVs have been popular as early as the late ‘50s. In fact, this mode of transportation and living were considered expensive luxury items. Half a decade later, it seems like the recreational vehicles never went out of style. RVs offer a complete on-the-road package that not even the best camping sites can compete with since it allows travelers to explore at the comfort of their seats. On top of that, it provides shelter and other basic amenities needed for day-to-day living, which is why, over the years, more adventurous people have made permanent residences out of their traveling RVs.

Like other major life decisions, owning and building a lifestyle RV needs careful deliberation. Here’s a breakdown of the basic factors you need to consider:


  • Maintenance 

Modern lifestyle RVs are also prone to production mistakes, so even newly-bought models run the risk of a factory defect or unchecked damage. Not to mention, RVs depreciate fast, which is why some people choose to buy used vehicles instead of a brand-new item. 

However, also take note that RV repair shops are scarce, so it’s better to be familiar with their locations and plan ahead for appointments. Due to the shortage of shops, prices can be a little hefty. While mileage differs per model, RVs are known to take up a lot of gas.  Another thing is that if you want your vehicle to last long, you would need to invest in annual maintenance and repairs, which could cost several hundred dollars. A portion of its coverage includes inspection of mold in hotspots, sealant work, brakes, tires, as well as general wear-and-tear repairs. 

Essentially, you would have to shed a few thousand dollars in maintenance alone, so prepare your budget accordingly.

  • Space and storage

With parking being a general hassle for ordinary vehicles, it should also be taken into account in the case of an RV. Remember that recreational vehicle tires can age quicker under storage or when left for an extended period under direct sunlight. If you’re within a suburban residential area, other homeowners might frown upon a parked RV blocking the streets. Check for other plausible parking options, but also consider that your best option might just be to pay for a storage unit. Weigh out your options and determine if you still have spare cash to shell out. 

  • Customization 

RVs come in different shapes and sizes. It’s best to know what type best fits you ahead of time. Wise buyers do their research intensively before buying or building their own vehicles – this doesn’t just mean looking into the unit’s appearance but also taking into consideration its built-in systems as well. 

What’s great about lifestyle RVs is that it allows you to customize it to your liking. In fact, Actor Matthew McConaughey developed a penchant for Airstreams and made a home out of one, complete with Bohemian-themed interiors. Naturally, this will also have to come out of your own pocket. 

Like other personal vehicles, RVs are also an investment. It’s best to sit down and think through your options first to know what kind will get you the best return for your money in the long run. Read next about lifestyle travel plans and how you can start it out this 2021!

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