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5 Advantages of Using Data for Sports Betting



Data is invaluable when it comes to sports betting. Not only does it grow the knowledge of the person placing the bets, but it also enables them to win more and lose less.

This is why so many beginner and professional sports bettors are using data to leverage their gambling experience and ultimately boost the number of successful bets they place.

The good news is that you can use data for betting on any sport imaginable, including:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Hockey

Essentially when it comes to sports betting, there’s no sport on earth where you can’t benefit from data analysis.

So, whether you’ve been betting on sports for a long time or have just recently started, it’s highly recommended that you use data to your advantage. If this is a topic that you need some extra convincing on, then here are 5 exciting advantages of using data for sports betting:

More Successful Bets

Over the past 10 years, ‘sports betting models’ have become incredibly popular in the industry. In simple terms, a sports betting model is a model that analyses data surrounding players and teams. After the data is analyzed, it then enables smarter predictions to be made, such as which player in a basketball is likely to score above or below a certain number of points.

When you use the shotquality sports betting model, it’s a great method for increasing the number of successful bets you place on college basketball games. For example, if Kansas are playing Oklahoma in the NCAA, you could use the betting model to help you predict which team is going to win.

Reduced Losses

In sports betting, it’s never a nice feeling when your bets lose. Some of the main reasons why people lose their sports bets are:

Fortunately, using data is an excellent way to turn losing streaks into winning streaks. The reason for this is because data is based on real-life statistics and facts instead of human emotion and subjective opinion. Of course, the predictions and picks made from data aren’t always correct but analyzing data can significantly reduce the number of failed bets you place over time.

Expand Your Sports Knowledge

Even the most successful sports bettors never stop expanding their knowledge surrounding the sports they bet on, whether it’s football or basketball. The more knowledge you gain from data, the smarter (and more accurate) your bets will be.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you consistently absorb as much data as you possibly can, from win/loss records to player injury records. You can analyze this data using apps and websites, or you can do it the classic pen and pad way. It’s all about finding what you’re most comfortable with. The key is that you’re taking in as much information as possible during the season so that you’re never behind the curve.

Eliminate Bias

Another huge advantage of using data for sports betting is that it eliminates bias.

As a human being, it’s hard not to be biased – especially with sports bets. Whenever your favorite team or player is in action, you’re naturally going to want them to win, which can lead to you placing biased bets. Sometimes, people don’t even realize they’re being biased, which makes it difficult for them to put a stop to the habit.

The chances are, if you’re an avid sports bettor, you’ve placed at least a couple of bets in your lifetime that were based on bias. However, as soon as you start using concrete data as your go-to source, you can quickly eliminate any bias problems you’ve been experiencing. Instead, you will start placing bets that are based on statistical analysis.

Remain in Control of Your Bets

Lastly, you can use data to remain in control of your bets. Suddenly, you’ll be much less likely to place impulsive bets that lead to poor bankroll management and chasing losses. For any bettors out there who struggle with this, then data analysis is the solution you’ve been looking for. Finally, you’ll be able to bet in a sensible and mature manner; all while boosting your wins and reducing your losses.

Where Can You Access Sports Data?

You can access sports data across a variety of different data and statistic websites. Additionally, you can use the above-mentioned sports betting models to gain access to sports data that’s then analyzed for you using smart technology.

As a general example, if you’re an NFL fan, the NFL website has a ton of player and team statistics that you can dive into. Before any match day, you can get up to date on the latest statistics before you place any bets on the action.

What are the Best Ways to Bet on Sports Games?

To bet on sports games, you have three options:

  • Sportsbook website
  • Sportsbook app
  • Betting shops

Sportsbook websites are usually free to join. The same also applies with sportsbook apps (that you can download from the Android and iOS app stores). When you use either a sportsbook website or app, make sure to look out for exciting bonuses and special offers, such as matched deposits. These types of bonuses and special offers are great to activate all year-round, but they’re also a lot of fun when big games take place, such as the Super Bowl final.


In summary, after reading the 5 advantages discussed above, it’ll make perfect sense to you why using data for sports betting is a no-brainer.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie to the world of sports betting or have been betting on sports for 20 years: data is your number one companion if you want to place more successful and valuable bets, particularly with more data being collected every day.

Moving into the future, sports betting models and data analysis are going to be key to winning more, which is why it’s a good idea to jump on the trend now before everyone else is doing it.


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