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5 Benefits Of Using Mobile Form Apps For Field Teams



If your firm or organization has field teams that use paper forms for the purpose of conducting surveys or inspections, it is high time they received an upgrade and shifted to using a mobile form app for data collection. While going paperless can be very daunting for most firms, it is a much needed move not only for the convenience of your team but also for the purpose of protecting consumer data and for documentation storage. Companies going paperless and shifting to digital forms of data collection often find hesitance stemming from their employees who may not be fully comfortable with the use of technology and devices to do their job. However, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that their team is mentally and physically prepared to make this transition and does so successfully. Listed below are five benefits of using mobile form apps for field teams:

Mobile form apps help save time

Mobile form apps help you streamline your employees’ workflow and hence save their time in the process. Field technicians and staff are essentially experts in their respective fields and having them do filing work simply takes time off their precious schedule and engages them in repetitive tasks. Mobile form apps help digitize the process of conducting inspections and surveys, and allows them to streamline their overall work process in a significant manner.

Mobile form apps make your team appear professional

Your team appearing at a site inspection or a survey facility with multiple papers, clipboards and pens can make them look a bit unprofessional. By using mobile form apps your team would be equipped with only tablets that are easy to use and carry, and would complete the professional look that your team needs. In order for your team to be recognized and acknowledged in the field, they need to be dressed and perform professionally in conduct.

Mobile form apps help managers make data driven decisions

Since mobile form apps allow users to view and manage data in real time, managers can make data driven decisions quickly and more efficiently. The fact that mobile form apps eliminate the need to digitize data entered on paper earlier, and hence reduce the likelihood of mistakes and manpower required makes mobile form apps inherently superior to its manual counterpart. Data collected in real time and represented in the form of graphs due to mobile form apps allows managers to make decisions in realtime and instead of basing their decisions on intuition they base them on hard facts.

Mobile form apps help you collection actionable data

There is only so much you can learn and understand from checkboxes and simple yes or no questions. Mobile form apps allow users to gain perspective from a traditional survey form in addition to giving them the capability to take pictures, videos, record audio notes, sketch notes onto the form and even scan barcodes. This allows your field team to collect rich data and do more than just get responses to yes or not questions.

Mobile form apps help keep your data safe

Mobile form apps help keep your data safe from getting misused, lost or misplaced. Additionally, organizing paperwork is much more tiring and difficult than organizing digital forms, and mobile form apps allow users to do just that by maintaining all collected data online and on cloud platforms. Data maintained online is easier to organize and users are able to use in-built capabilities of mobile form apps to categorize data and sort it on the basis of when it was collected, who it was collected from, where it was collected from, etc. This allows users to navigate through the collected data easily to view at a later time.


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