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5 FAQs That New Beginners Have About Using a Bong for the First Time!



Cannabis smoking has been scientifically proven to have both therapeutic and medicinal effects. And with cannabis legalization in many regions, the cannabis industry has flourished, blooming different kinds of diverse and creative strains.

To enjoy these different strains, cannabis enthusiasts, both old and new, use different kinds of smoking techniques and tools such as pipes, rolling joints, vape pens, and the classic stoner favorite, bongs.

However, beginners looking to get into the world of marijuana and give bongs a try often have questions and concerns before they take the plunge. In case you fall into that category, here is a list of questions about bongs that might come in handy.

1. Do Bongs Work?

The bong concept has been around for centuries, the name originating from the Thai word for a bamboo tube used for smoking cannabis, baung. So yes, it works!

A bong’s purpose is to cool and filter smoke coming from the marijuana. It has a bowl to hold the weed as you burn it. As you inhale the smoke, it first passes through the bubbling water then into your mouth and lungs.

2. Are There Specific Types of Bongs for Beginners?

With so many bongs in the market, finding one that suits you can be confusing. You need to consider factors such as size, cost, and materials when buying a bong. So, is there really a specific bong for beginners?

Because different bongs suit different types of environments, we cannot say that there is a specific type for beginners. You may need a big bong for smoking with your friends or a small one for when you’re on the go. As such, choose the type that works best for your situation.

3. Do Bongs Get You Higher?

A bong gets you higher than a blunt or joint would because the bong chamber is big in size and allows you to take bigger hits. While a blunt would take effect after three to four hits, a bong can take effect after the first two.

This does not mean that the other forms of smoking don’t do the trick, but the large chamber feature makes bongs the preferred choice for cannabis users.

4. Why Is There Water in Bongs?

Most bongs have water in the chambers to help smooth and filter the smoke. Water in the bong chamber cools, filters, and purifies the smoke, making it smoother and less harsh on the throat and lungs.

The water also traps residues of ash and tar, making it a little healthier to smoke. This is why the water in a bong eventually turns brown after some time.

5. Must I Use a Bong?

Using a bong is a personal decision. Many weed smokers do not use bongs and prefer to smoke blunts as they are. But because of the quality of purified smoke, other users stick to bongs.

Let a Good Rip

Bongs help to purify and filter out impurities in the smoke you inhale, among many other obvious advantages. Hopefully, the common FAQs listed in this column will help settle your mind on whether using a bong is ideal for you or not as a beginner.


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