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Top Five Most Important Things to Know Before Playing Rust



The first thing you need to know about the Rust game is that a huge community of players are solely dedicated to this game, and they can be really brutal to survive. The plot of this game is very creative and thrilling. The Rust community is focused on building huge homes and planning profitable raids.

If you are a new player, the game may overwhelm you at the beginning. You will be dropped amidst a brutal world where everyone is fighting for survival. In this world, you will be betrayed by your friends, looted by stronger players, and beaten up by other new players. So, you need to understand that no one is your friend in this game. That is why you need to polish your core skills before jumping into this brutal and challenging world.

Before embarking on this journey that passes through intimidating landscapes, you must understand a few important tips. Rust game gives you a real-life experience. So, you feel the same fear and anxiety when you are building your very first house. No one wants their first building to burn into ashes just after completion. Of course, there always will be many players who are better than you and possess stronger establishments. But if you play this game strategically, you can survive against stronger players. Below, some important things are mentioned to help you survive this brutal world.

Top 5 things to know before playing Rust

Hit the sweet spot

To survive this game, you have to collect resources. The best thing about the Rust game is, there is a thing called Sweet Spot on every collectible resource. When you hit this sweet spot with your tool, you collect more of the item in less time.

For example, you will see an X mark while chopping wood from the tree to collect wood. When you hit this X mark, you get more wood per hit. So, make sure you never miss this sweet spot while collecting your resources. Thus, you can build your base more quickly and easily. This is also applicable for ore, but you will see a shiny speck on it instead of an X mark. This mark will move as you keep on mining. So, hit it carefully. You can find more useful tips from

Make a spear

Do not expect to have a smooth start when you join this game. You will get no time to rest and observe the scenario. You will get attacked as soon as you land here. That is why every player is advised to make at least one weapon for survival.

A wooden spear is easy to develop and simple to use. Though this spear will not help you in the later stages of this game, it will help you safeguard yourself from the early attackers. Wooden spears are also very cheap and effective. As you spend more time on a server, you will get more opportunities to craft better weapons.

Build as many settlements as possible

If you want to survive longer in this game, you need to build multiple houses. Thus, you can flee from any critical battle and take refuge. You can also store your items in a nearby settlement. In this game, death is inevitable.

When you hide your items in your settlement, you save those from getting looted by your opponents. Multiple buildings will also help you re-establish yourself in the game after a defeat.

Cook carefully

For survival, you need to cook. It is also taken as one of the most relaxing jobs. But never cook during the night. The light of the fire is visible from a distance. It will invite attacks on you. So, always cook during the daytime so avoid attention.

Craft a hatchet

Hatchet is a powerful tool, so you should aim to craft one as soon as possible. It will help you to get wood easily and very fast. Wood is very important for building an establishment. If you do not have a hatchet, you waste extra energy and effort while collecting wood. So, a hatchet will help you get a better grip on this game.


These are the top 5 things that every player must understand before joining the world of Rust. You may find survival very difficult without proper guidance. This article can be your best guide. All the tips given here are tried and tested. So, use these tips and enjoy the game thoroughly.

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