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5 PDF Tools Necessary for eLearning Professionals



Even before the pandemic strikes, online learning has been prevalent around the world. It is also a result of the current advancement in technology where people from different countries can learn from whomever or whichever university worldwide. Because of this, the rise of eLearning professionals has also become rampant. Online teachers or lecturers are now one of the most in-demand jobs in many countries.

These professionals do away from the usual teaching methods of manually printing modules and test papers or standing next to a photocopying machine the whole. Online classes and lectures require a different type of document management for exams and activities. One of the most efficient ways to handle these is by using PDF documents. However, there are many types of PDF tools that every eLearning professional can use. Here are some of those:

Splitting PDF documents

When you split pdf pages, it means you are selecting a specific part of an existing PDF document and saving a new file for it. It’s useful when you need to send or share a part of an entire document. In that way, you wouldn’t need to use the whole file.

For example, you created the entire yearly module and saved it on a single PDF file. Unluckily, you have already deleted the raw file. So, if you want to send only the module for this month, you can easily split some of the pages on the PDF file. It can also help to easily organize your files.

Editing Lesson Plans with PDF to Doc converter and vice versa

Since change is constant, especially with education, there may be times when you will need to add a few pieces of information to beef your plans. However, what if you have already saved the document as a PDF? As we all know, a PDF is a permanent file that cannot be easily edited. Luckily for you, there are online tools where you can convert a PDF file back to a Word file. With this, you can easily edit your files.

It also works vice versa. If you have already finalized your lesson plans and you would like to convert it to something that your students will edit, you can save it as a PDF. No need to worry about it being altered. With the help of online converter tools, you can preserve the format, layout, and content that you created on your lesson plans.

Combining multiple PDF files

Having multiple files saved on your computer is normal for eLearning professionals. Because of the number of lectures or subjects that you handle, there will be times when your PDF documents will be all over the place — and, sometimes, organizing your files is very tedious and will take more of your time.

To help you keep an organized filing, you can take advantage of an online platform that will help you combine or merge PDF files. For example, you can combine all the lesson plans and modules that you have per quarter or per month and save them in a single file. Through this, it will be easier for you to manage your tasks.

Better data management with PDF to Excel converter and vice versa

Keeping track of datasheets is one of the important tasks of an eLearning professional. Aside from keeping your lessons in order at all times, you also need to keep detailed data of your students’ scores, grades, and other information. And so, if you received a PDF document containing such data, it will be easier for you to manage it using an Excel file. You can conveniently convert it with online tools as well.

On the other hand, if you have any Excel file that you want to save permanently, or you want to share and add additional confidentiality and security measures, you can convert it to PDF as well.

Portable presentations through PDF slides

Using presentations is essential in eLearning. It’s the bread and butter of every online class. Without PowerPoint or slideshow presentations, it will be hard for lecturers like you to maintain the momentum of teaching. Visual aids are important in online learning. That is why, as much as possible, it’s necessary to always have a backup.

Slideshow presentations can sometimes fail. And to avoid lecturing mishaps, you can always choose to shave a PDF copy of the file using an online tool.

An all-in-one tool for every eLearning professional

All these and more PDF functions are available on PDFBear. It’s an online PDF converter tool that offers to split, merge, delete, and convert PDF files and vice versa. Try it today!


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