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6 Benefits of Remote Worker Safety Monitoring Solutions



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Security is a serious concern when it comes to your vehicles, family, or any asset. To rely merely on a basic security system such as a vehicle’s security system can be risky sometimes especially in today’s world when technological advancements and gadgets have made breaking locks an easy job. Moreover, it also gets very difficult to keep track of people and objects that need supervision in today’s busy world. Vehicles and carriers with no tracking systems are at a higher risk as any chances of the recovery of a stolen asset, which has no tracking system, becomes fairly low.

Simply Unified manufactures state of the art tracking devices, which help you to keep track of a number of objects and even people. They employ cutting-edge technology to make ensure the safety of your asset and make the tracking experience seamless.


  1. GPS devices allow you to keep track of your vehicles in real-time remotely. You can sit anywhere and still be able to track your vehicle from your phone or computer. It helps you identify particular locations of vehicles, which can be useful for assessing the time it will take to reach you or a particular destination. Moreover, if a worker is using your vehicle you can use the GPS device to track their driving performance with respect to speed, braking, cornering, etc.
  2. The super durable and efficient batteries in the devices allow them to keep functioning for periods as long as 5 years. They are also rated to IP 67 so you know that they will function properly in rough environments as well. These attributes make them perfect for the tracking of non-powered assets such as trailers and containers. This tracking helps you stay on top of all of your shipment processes and know exactly where each of your carriers are.
  3. The excellent GPS systems come with an alarm system that raises alerts in case of an emergency or a contingency. They are capable of detecting a wide range of gasses and will raise an alarm as soon as it detects one. It can also alert you if it detects unusual work movement such as a fall, or if he reports in late or leaves early. This helps you keep track of all your workforce and also ensure their safety as well.
  4. Senquip is an advanced tracking device that is used to keep track of your remote devices and sensors. It is capable of operating in harsh environments, so you never have to worry about any malfunctioning on its end. This helps you keep track of your data from devices and sensors, which are placed in locations that are not easily accessible.
  5. Advanced devices also come in handy to provide safety for your vehicles. Hundreds of vehicles get stolen every year and are never recovered. The GPS uses state of the art technology to keep your vehicle secure. It instantly detects any unauthorized movement and sends you pin locations right on your phone.
  6. Personal GPS devices can be used to keep track of very young or very old members of your family who may get lost or are not completely mentally stable. The GPS devices are battery-powered and provide excellent tracking services seamlessly. It can also give you alerts if there is an unusual movement. These devices ensure that your family stays safe and you can be relieved of their safety even when you are not around them.

Simply Unified knows that how concerning the matters of safety are and thus never compromises on the quality or performance of its device to ensure for you, a safe and seamless experience.



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