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5 Reasons to Use a Glass Pipe



Glass pipes make up a more than $1.6 billion global market. These pipes are popular among cannabis enthusiasts for several reasons. The market is only getting larger because these pipes remain in high demand.

If you’re considering a pipe upgrade, we’re happy to point you in the direction of the benefits. Keep reading for more information on how upgrading to a glass pipe can be helpful.

1. It’s a Clean Smoke

For starters, people love glass pipes because they’re among the safest and healthiest ways to smoke. Glass hand pipes are made with quality materials and don’t involve burning and inhaling anything but cannabis. This is incredibly clean and sanitary when compared to blunts, joints, and other methods of smoking.

The cleanliness of this smoke means that you’ll have less irritation to your sinuses and throat, and won’t have to worry about the smell of anything but cannabis.

2. There Are Plenty of Options

Glass weed pipes are incredibly versatile. There are lots of style options that you can explore when you’re looking for glass pipes for sale online or in person.

Here are a few of the options that will likely intrigue you:

  • The glass blunt pipe
  • Glass bowls
  • Glass water pipes
  • Bubblers
  • Bongs

Think about what you like from a good smoke and it’ll help you find the right glass option. This includes the method of inhalation, the amount of cannabis it can hold, how much smoke you’d prefer to inhale, and so many other matters.

3. Glass Pipes Preserve Cannabis

You will also appreciate that a glass smoking pipe helps you to be judicious with the amount of cannabis that you’re smoking. Rolling blunts and joints burn an incredible amount of weed at a time, so much that you’re not ingesting as much as you can.

This makes your cannabis lifestyle expensive because you’re having to constantly purchase more because of the waste.

4. They’re Creatively Designed and Crafted

Glass pipes are also some of the most creative artwork that you’ll see. Many of these pipes are handmade, glass blown, and made with several different beautiful color combinations. They’re also produced with so many different unique designs and styles.

Finding the right glass pipe is as much about personality and preference as anything else. Take your time when researching so that you have a pipe that you feel great about smoking from.

5. You Can Taste the Cannabis

Finally, you will appreciate how perfect a glass pipe is for getting to know cannabis. The glass material lets you taste and smell it clearly so that you can become a connoisseur. You will start to smell and taste the terpenes and will notice the differences between Indica and Sativa strains.

Learn how to clean a glass pipe thoroughly and properly so that you can keep tasting and appreciating the cannabis you smoke.

Find the Right Glass Pipe

The tips above will help you out when you’re shopping for a quality glass pipe. You will be glad that you took your time to handle research once you see how amazing these pipes are for your collection.

Consider these points and check out our other articles related to smoking and cannabis culture.

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