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Easy Ways to Style Your Hair for ZOOM Conference Calls



Working from home means different things to different people. For some, it means never having to change out of their pajamas. For others, it means a reason to geek out over espresso beans from a subscription coffee service or gongfu style tea from a specialty tea importer. And for still others, it means balancing interacting with family members at home while still being productive.

With so many people working from home, face-to-face meetings and calls have shifted to zoom. Although your colleagues or clients may not see your entire outfit head-to-toe, it is still important to look professional. After all, people notice the little things like your makeup, attire, and hair.

With your face and hair being the main focal point now, it is a great idea to maintain a comfortable yet professional hairstyle while you attend your zoom conference calls. Be sure not to roll out of bed looking too messy or disheveled by following our hair style tips!

The Perfect Ponytail

Maybe you’re thinking a ponytail isn’t formal enough for a conference call? It sure can be, as long as you tackle those pesky fly-aways with some styling cream or anti-frizz products. By doing this, you can maintain a professional and sleek pony.

To add something extra to your pony, you can use a colored scrunchie ( which is also better for your hair). Additionally, separating some pieces from your bangs out of the pony gives it a different look. The best part about this hairstyle? It only takes 2-3 minutes to perfect. If you are running late one day, you can always resort to a ponytail to remain classy and professional!

Half-up, half-down

This is a go-to look whether you have curly hair, straight hair, or wavy hair. What’s great, is that it keeps your hair out of your face so you’re not touching it throughout your conference call. You can either use a small clip or bobby pins on both sides to keep it secure. Overall, this gives you the look of having your hair down without the hassle of it. You can even add a fun braid or twist to the look for something more unique!

Ballerina Bun

Unfortunately, this up-do will only work with medium to long hair. However, this hairstyle checks all the boxes for a professional look; it’s tidy, sophisticated, and keeps hair out of your face. You can also create a low-bun or high-bun.

Create the look by gathering all your hair, twisting it and spirling it into a donut. If this seems too complicated, you can always invest in a mesh hair donut and pin it into place this way. Achieve this celebrity hair-do in minutes!


Headbands can in fact be professional and a great look for work! As long as you find a design or color that is not overbearing, you are in the clear. You should avoid a shocking color that distracts the people you are talking to. Try to stick with colors that are neutral or pastel like beige, black, or pink. Fun prints like polka dots or florals can also be great if they’re not too bright! Either way, headbands are definitely in again– you can achieve a seamless look by throwing on a headband!

Simply Straight

You can keep it simple by wearing your hair straight and tucked behind your ears. The risk of keeping your hair long and straight is that you might play with it or touch it too much. The solution is to keep it behind your ears or shoulders so it doesn’t get in your way! Show off your beautiful face and remain focused with this look.

Loose waves

This style works for short and long hair. Add some dimension and texture to your hair by creating natural waves. You can do this by using a crimp or rollers. If you’re searching for a hair-do that is cute yet not over-the-top this is your go-to!


If you want to add a little bit more than loose waves, try curls. Your best bet to achieve flawless curls, is to use a curling iron. Section each piece and curl away from you to frame your face. Choosing this look will make you appear put together and ready to tackle any task!


Last but not least, you can go natural. There is nothing wrong with embracing your natural hair. There is no need to use heat on your hair every single day. Instead add a little oil or leave-in conditioner after you shower to maintain shine and anti-frizz. What matters most is that you feel confident and comfortable in your zoom conference. You can take advantage of any of the previous styling tips like half-up, half-down with your natural hair! Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire others to rock their natural look.


I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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