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5 Ways To Wear The Colored Suit Jacket This Spring And Make It A Total Triumph



How Letterman Jackets Are Taking Over Paris Street Style | Vogue


How Letterman Jackets Are Taking Over Paris Street Style | Vogue

The jacket suit is one of our basic seasons after season. The trends are adapting and molding it to what is worn when there is a change of wardrobe, but the truth is that, if you have pleated pants and a ‘blazer’ that fits you well, never change it because it is one of the biggest treasures that a woman’s wardrobe can have red varsity jacket.

The suit has become the new essential wardrobe staple and the favorite piece of fashion experts. Its success is due to the fact that it is versatile and elegant in equal parts, and also, it adapts to all types of silhouettes, it is modern and chic. It is the most elegant way to dress without having to think about it a lot.

The fact is that this spring this design is undergoing a true revolution. No more serious and boring suits. In the coming months, as has happened with jeans or leather-effect trousers, tailors will become a veritable festival of color. Greens, oranges, fuchsias, blues.any of these shades will color your blazer to show the joy and happiness that the arrival of a spring that seems to be finally approaching the old normal gives us all.

This type of design may be your best option to go perfect for an office day or for any of those many events that are piling up for us this spring. Weddings, baptisms and communions are resolved with a suit jacket in any of the shades you decide to wear. You just have to combine them with a lot of style, and we are going to help you with that.

Suit jacket in red color

Few colors look so good on any woman than red. When you dress in this tone you empower yourself, without realizing it, it makes you feel unbeatable. The point is that a suit jacket in this color will make you the center of attention. Combine it with its enemy, pink, until this spring, when they team up to create the most impressive ‘looks’. If you want to reduce the focus of attention, instead of a pink shirt wear a white shirt and sneakers, it will be the ideal outfit for a work meeting.

At you can find this model with cropped pants that can give you the best looks of the season.

Suit jacket in purple

Pantone declared ‘very peri’ as the perfect shade for 2022. Fashion has taken it very seriously and in addition to this range, has decided that all purples are perfect for your wardrobe this spring. But beware; this is not an easy color to wear. Although there are some fashionable ‘insiders’ who combine it with white, for us it reminds us a lot of the Real Madrid uniform. If purple is your choice, the best idea is for green to be your partner, an emerald tone that gives it a lot of life.

Suit jacket in green color

And how about the same idea but in reverse? That is, emerald green suit jacket, purple shirt and accessories. This option suits us better, but because we love the tone of hope. This type of blazer can also be ideal with jeans and pants with a shirt without more, when the high temperatures arrive.

You can break up the suit jacket a bit by forgetting about the traditional ‘blazer’ and choosing a kimono. We love this idea for a wedding or communion with good sandals.

Fuchsia jacket suit

Pink is the color of this season. We love it and it fascinates us, but it is also dangerous if you do not combine it correctly. As we have explained to you in the red suit, we like womens varsity jacket with this tone, but that is always for a more formal ‘look’ like a family event. For day-to-day we wear a t-shirt or a sweatshirt under the ‘blazer’ to give it a more ‘sport’ touch.

At Mango you can find the fuchsia version of the suit jacket that we are looking for. We love the ‘over side’ touch it has, which will allow you to wear it in ‘comfy’ mode with sneakers and in event mode with heeled sandals.

Yellow suit jacket

Fashion wants to go against the popular belief that yellow is bad luck and has made this tone one of the most powerful trends of spring. The jacket suits of this color will add joy to your ‘look’ and you can combine them as you want; any tone that goes with it will be a success, even red.

A lot has been said about this jacket suit from the We love the idea of the ‘blazer’ in bullfighter format, giving a modern and youthful touch to the always serious tailor.

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