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8 Things You Need for a Functional and Stylish Commercial Washroom



Sanitation, hygiene, and human waste disposal are integral parts of life—so are commercial washrooms and other facilities making such human processes possible! With the demand for cleaner and better lavatories, there must also be superior and state-of-the-art washroom supplies available for a satisfactory experience.

So what exactly makes a good and serviceable commercial washroom? Do more amenities always equal better utility? And is investing in costly washroom essentials even worth it? Keep reading to discover the eight things you need for a functional and stylish commercial washroom.

Sensor Tap

In enhancing and modernizing your washroom, the first item to invest in is undoubtedly a sensor tap. Beyond its functionality and cutting-edge sensor technology, the minimalist look of sensor taps also adds to the style of your commercial washroom.

Taps are the very first item in every washroom to ensure proper hygiene. If you don’t have the time to go to local stores, you can always shop online. With so many websites and retailers, you’re sure to find the perfect sensor tap for your needs and budget.

For example, if you’re in Sydney or somewhere in Australia, the Dolphin Solutions Australian site is definitely worth checking out. They offer a wide range of high-quality and affordable sensor taps, perfect for modernizing your commercial washroom.

Soap Dispenser

Ditch traditional bar soaps and get a soap dispenser for your commercial washroom today! As the underappreciated heroes of every lavatory, a soap dispenser helps you become as clean and hygienic as possible with lesser contact than using grimy and bacteria-filled bar soap.

Soap dispensers are also more eco-friendly and stylish. Since they are refillable, dispensers will help you lessen plastic waste from soap packaging. Plus, there are myriad choices of materials and designs for a soap dispenser to fit and improve your washroom’s look.

Toilet Roll Holder

Another overlooked item in a lavatory is a toilet roll holder. And if you secure a material that complements the look and space of your commercial washroom, you are extending both the practicality and style purposes of the hygiene equipment!

For commercial washrooms, you may want to secure a theft and vandal-resistant toilet roll holder. You can also choose between the wall-mounted and freestanding types. And to fit the lavatory’s look and feel, either get a straightforward design or a more eye-catching one.

Paper Towel Dispenser

Wet hands transmit bacteria and microorganisms more readily than dry ones. So in modernizing your commercial washroom, never forget to include a paper towel dispenser for hand drying and overall proper hand hygiene.

Paper towel dispensers are also more cost-effective and convenient in the long run. Since they are not electrical (unlike hot air dryers), they are less costly to maintain and repair. Plus, the use of paper towels is endless and versatile—like cleaning spillage, for example!

Washroom Mirror

A washroom is never complete without a mirror. Beyond its functional purposes, such as checking your appearance and applying makeup, it also provides illumination and the illusion of a bigger space by reflecting light and objects around. Very practical and stylish!

Moreover, to add visual interest to your commercial washroom, choose the mirrors’ design according to the room size and style—plain and unfussy for a minimalist washroom, while ornate and fancy for lavish ones.

Shelves and Rails

Another way to occupy space in a more functional and stylish way is to get your commercial washroom a few shelves and rails. They are washroom additions that bring style and practicality together with their decorative and serviceable purposes.

Blend style with functionality by purchasing modern, decorated shelves to keep toiletries and essentials closer when needed. Additionally, you may want to get rails to hang towels or clothes with. Indeed, getting both accessories is a clever way to consume space!

Washroom Signage

Intelligible toilet signs are more than just an accessory to add to your commercial washroom. They also improve ease of access, navigation, and convenience! So in a lavatory upgrade, do not overlook the function and style of washroom signage and get one for yourself now.

Washroom signage improves wayfinding, toilet etiquette, and latrine rules. Instruction labels also help the users keep the commercial washroom as clean as possible. Getting a few would then be a creative and productive technique to decorate your lavatory wall.

Trash Bin

There is no contesting the use of trash bins in commercial washrooms. Nobody wants to bring their junk, such as used tampons and tissues, around! And to avoid the bad habit of disposing of them on the toilet, it is a must to secure a trash bin now.

For a commercial washroom, you might want to get an odor-resistant and hands-free trash bin with durability and accessibility. Choose a size large enough but not too large, especially when the space is limited. And in terms of the material, stainless steel is highly recommended.

Final Thoughts

Many equipment and accessories are available in the market for your lavatory upgrade. So if you want to improve functionality and style, the few items discussed above may be the very items to give you the pleasant change you are looking for in a commercial washroom!


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