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7 Call Of Duty: Warzone Tips and Tricks For That First Win



You probably just got Call of Duty: Warzone installed on your computer, or you are tired of failing all the time. That’s not surprising because Warzone is a game for strong-minded gamers who’re also grounded in the act of combat. That’s why it might seem difficult at first. But don’t worry because you can attain your first win too.

This article contains those tools tailored to guide you to fully to your victory. We also recommend some warzone aimbot to help you maneuver situations that may get you stuck in the game. Read on to uncover all fully.

How to Win for the First Time

Where You Drop Is Important

Where you land in the game is key in determining how your game will end. You may want to land where the choicest loots are available or far away from other players to avoid being killed. Both ways are advisable, but they must be chosen to fit your play style.

Finding the best loots before anyone gets them is ok, but be ready to fight for them since you won’t be the only one looking for them. But if you want to buy more time while you find useful loots, drop far away from other players.

Make that money

Staying in the game without cash is not advisable because there are a lot of items you’ll need to buy from buy stations. Such things may include weapons, perks, amour, and you can even buy back a fellow teammate that got killed.

You can find some cash as you wander around the map and even on dead enemies. However, the fastest way of gathering cash is by completing contracts. The contract that rewards with the biggest amount of cash are the Scavenger contract.

In-game contracts equip you

To accumulate more items and cash in Warzone, then Contracts are important. There are several Contracts you can choose from, depending on what you want. They are Recons, Scavenger, Bounty, supply run, Supply Drop, and Most Wanted. Those rewards contain items you will need for that win, so complete those contracts.

Spend Only On Relevant Items

We know it’s your money and you can choose to spend it however you want. But you must be sure that whatever you are buying is important. For example, very important items could be UAVs, self-revive kits, armor bundles, etc. Those are great items, but you may lack sufficient cash to purchase all of them at once. In that case, you should prioritize and purchase them accordingly.

Link with others

The harsh environment and deadly battles you face in Warzone need extra hands. Teammates are very important because you will need them to revive you if you get killed or watch your back when you’re not looking. This reduces your chances of dying at unawares, plus you can partake in your teammates’ inventory. So make sure to constantly communicate with them and never wander too far from the pack.

That Win Depends On Your Ears Too

Like many other games, Warzone allows you to hear the footsteps of other players around you and even your own. They could either be an enemy or a teammate. So, stay alert when you hear approaching footsteps since you can’t readily differentiate the footsteps. To fully get the sound under control, we recommend that you get gaming-specific headphones. Also, you may want to turn down the music volume or completely mute it.

Win that fight in Gulag

When you get killed in Verdansk, you move to the Gulag or a jail. In the jail, a 1vs1 match is set for you and an opponent armed with the same weapons as you. Winning the Gulag fight may be all the hope you have if you must return to the game. So, be prepared and be ready to explore all your advantages and loopholes in your opponent’s defense.


The tips above are a sure way to get you those desired wins. However, the best way to develop a skill at anything is by practicing consistently over a long period. So we advise you to spend more time practicing the tips above and be intentional about it. Over time, you will get used to them and bag easier and easier wins with less effort.


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