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7 Easy Tips For Staying Active While Traveling Domestically



Whether you’re traveling across the country to see the wonders of the Redwood Forest or Yellowstone National Park or headed across state borders to visit family, traveling domestically offers more opportunities than you might think to keep your workout schedule in order. Travel has a way of disrupting daily life and making schedules a living hell, but with this handy guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about staying active while you travel.

1. Utilize Your Surroundings

So, you’re headed to a national park for an extended weekend. Rather than sit in the sun and enjoy the sights (though you should make time for that, too), you can hit the trails and get some much-needed cardio in. Most national parks are centered around gorgeous landscapes with plenty of opportunities to hike. Mountains, rocky foothills, and sprawling canyons offer a unique opportunity to test your fitness against some of Mother Nature’s most difficult and beautiful terrain.

You’ll be able to take in the wonder of it all while still keeping your body active. Or, if you’re going to the big city, take advantage of the urban surroundings. Don’t take a cab if you only need to go a few blocks; instead, walk the city sidewalks and take in the sights, smells, and experiences. You might even find an adorable shop on the way for that perfect souvenir.

2. Choose A Chain Gym

The great thing about chain gyms is that they almost always have locations in major cities. While it’s nice to have a membership to the mom-and-pop gym in your hometown, that doesn’t really help out when you’re on-the-go. Chain gyms like Planet Fitness, Gold’s, and more can keep you fit and active even when you’re traveling.

It’ll be just like visiting the gym in your hometown, except you’ll be experiencing new sights, people, and landscapes.

3. Check If Your Hotel Has A Fitness Room

Many hotels offer fitness rooms as an amenity for their guests. The fitness room is usually small and only has a few pieces of equipment, but some hotels have gone out of their way to make the fitness room a place of envy for smaller chain hotels. A fitness room means you don’t even have to leave the hotel to keep your fitness routine, and you can work out pretty much any time of the day.

Don’t forget to bring along your protein shakes, eat right while you’re traveling, and use your Evn CBD gummies or oils for post-workout recovery.

4. Use The Pool!

Ok, so your hotel doesn’t have a fitness room, and you’re not a member of a chain gym. Now what? Use the pool, of course! Swimming is some of the best exercise you can get, as it works important muscles, burns fat, and keeps the heart in good shape. Get your blood pumping by doing some laps in the pool each morning and night while you’re traveling. It’s easy, convenient, and you’ll only get a few weird looks from other guests.

5. Jogging Can Be Done Anywhere

I get it—jogging isn’t exactly your favorite exercise, and I can assure you it isn’t mine, either. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have benefits. Among these benefits is the fact that it can be done anywhere! You can jog anywhere you want, at any time. You don’t need special equipment (besides some decent shoes), and it’s age-friendly as well. Jogging helps get the heart pumping, improves endurance and lung capacity, and can help burn fat and tone leg muscles. If it’s all you’ve got, do it. It’s certainly better than doing no exercise while traveling.

6. Resistance Bands Are Portable And Lightweight

Resistance bands are lightweight, portable bands that can be used in place of weights if you’re traveling. They’re compact enough to fit in a small bag, but powerful enough to give you a good workout. Use resistance bands when you don’t have any weights or you need that extra boost in your travel workout routine. They’re also cheap, so you won’t be spending a fortune for a more portable exercise option.

The versatility of a resistance band means you can pretty much use them with any exercise. Combine them with stretches as well for a better stretch and more satisfying feeling afterward.

7. Take Your Fitness App With You

Fitness apps are excellent tools that can help motivate and guide you toward your fitness goals. These apps are easy to install, many of them are free to use, and they’re about more than just working out. Most apps count steps, calories, and help you track your diet for increased health overall. You can take your apps anywhere your phone goes, and chances are that you’re taking your phone with you traveling. You might be inspired to try some new exercises or places during your travels by connecting with the fitness community via an app.


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