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7 Marketing Tips for Realtors to Improve Customer Experience



Just like any other business, the real estate market is also expected to expand in the future. Despite its growing importance in the market, many rookie realtors quit before they get past the beginning stage. Before you actually quit, make sure to point out the faults and figure out what you can do to bring in more sales. Plan out marketing strategies to find quality customers.

Moreover, providing exceptional customer services should be your priority. With the guide of a Real estate CRM, you can grow customer relationships and improve your sales.

Here are some amazing tips to help you stand out among the real estate business competition.

Create Social Media Accounts

You cannot deny the importance of digital marketing, especially since the coronavirus has taken over the world. To get the word out for your business, use social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Post pictures and videos of your properties for exposure. Besides posting engaging content, you can interact with your users and establish a solid fan base.

Design a Well Oriented Website

Make sure to design a website that provides information and makes it easy for a user to navigate. Get a professional website designer to create a functional yet unique site. To make your business easily accessible, add a contact us page. Starting your own blog can also help attract traffic. Write SEO-based content to help it rank higher on the search engines. Setting up a Google My Business can help users find you easily in Google Maps, Google Search, and Google+ pages.

Think Beyond the Picture

Most realtors end up only posting images of the house itself. You are basically selling a whole town or area, and it would be best to show the nearby places. This way, customers can know what they can expect. Add images of the nearby prominent and attention-seeking places. With high-quality pictures, showcase the area to elaborate on what it has to offer to your clients.

Hire a Professional Videographer

People who are usually busy have little to no time when it comes to exploring areas for house hunting. Creating high-quality videos with the help of a professional can provide a virtual tour for the customers. It is a great way to elaborate on the details and give a perfect preview of the property. Moreover, it helps customers decide what they can expect before visiting and shortlist their choices.

Create a Mobile-Friendly Site

Mobile phone users have increased tremendously since the past year. Majority of the internet users use mobile phones for online activities. Grabbing your mobile for searching for a product or service is the fastest option. You can improve your customer experience by creating a mobile-friendly website. For a much better experience, add review listings for potential buyers.

Build Email Marketing

Create a newsletter to build client relationships. In every business, it is essential to keep your customers updated. Moreover, emails serve as a reminder that your real estate agency exists in the market. The first step is to collect emails from your site or any other methods. Send information to your subscribers about what they most likely need to see. From providing notices about new houses for sale to news about seminars you are offering, email marketing holds excellent value.

Compose Pinterest Boards

Pinterest boards are pretty popular among online users. Many people refer to the images for inspiration and when they need a fresh idea. Promote your houses on Pinterest by creating a board for a single property that includes all the major highlights and features. Your property showcase can serve as a great marketing strategy to draw in more clients.


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