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7 Tips for new VALORANT players



Valorant is a renowned first-person shooter title worldwide. Unlike the games such as Call of Duty or Overwatch, Valorant is a strategic shooter game.

This implies that you need to take care of aspects such as teamwork, accuracy, and weapons. Remember, every single bullet shot can be lethal in the game.

However, if you are new to the game, you can always use valorant hacks. Here are some tips and tricks to help you in the game.

Choose an agent with great concern.

Valorant gives you options of choosing four different agents who come with unique abilities. Each option on the team serves you another purpose as well. Besides this, each Agent

leads to different play styles.

However, as per experts, it is always advisable to choose a good agent while considering some needs and abilities. One such agent is Raze, renowned as an excellent Agent in the game.

Communication is necessary

Whenever planning a strategy, talk with your teammates. Have a good conversation with your teammates so that you may not be confused while playing.

Also, call out enemy locations, items drop locations, and in-game movements during the match. Be specific during the whole game while calling out places. Remember that miscommunication is not suitable for your game and, at the same time, gives your opponent a chance to win.

Check Those Corners

Enemies in corners always lurk to free kill. So, a gamer must check each corner while playing on a retake or flanking. In Valorant, before starting a game, you should have a good knowledge of the map if you do not know maps while gaming, there is every chance of getting killed easily. And if you are a beginner in Valorant, you should keep this thing in mind even better.

In Valorant, maps are primarily straightforward and come with enemies and different corners. So beware!

Mouse sensitivity

Adjusting mouse sensitivity properly can help you play games nicely and seamlessly. Even India’s top-ranked Team Mahi said that mouse sensitivity plays a significant role in valorant.

According to them, with a mouse’s single swipe, a gamer’s mouse sensitivity should be such that he could turn 180°. You can also test it by keeping the mouse on the far left side of the mouse pad. To the right side of the pad, slide the mouse over in a straight line.

Practice is must

To be perfect in anything, one has to work hard, which is obvious. For gaming, you have to keep practicing. Only then will you be able to win the game well. It would be best to drop you into the range before queuing up. Also, practice tracking and your “flick” aiming.

It is advisable to practice shooting before participating in competitive game sessions.

Your crosshair plays a significant role!

The way you play the game matters a lot in gaming and your crosshair. Many think this isn’t worth noticing, but it’s not entirely true. We suggest you find a crosshair that’s nice for gaming.

For standing out against the Bind’s drab, try to reduce the spread indicator and pick a color; it will help you nicely. It will help you give accurate references to land that will flick the headshot with consistency.

So, adjust the crosshair properly; trust us, the results will be excellent. For that, you have to choose a small, simple, static consistent, and non-distracting crosshair for gaming seamlessly. If you buy the best crosshair, it will adapt it wisely, whether you move or fire.

Personalize Settings before gaming in valorant

Although you can play valorant with the default setting on, you can always change them as per your preference. So being a new valorant player, you must figure out the comfortable crosshair and sensitivity amongst different settings, and just adjust them accordingly.


These tips will help you become a pro at the game of Valorant if you are a beginner. So, make use of these tips and


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