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All you need to know about your nail cuticles



If you want to achieve a beautiful and durable manicure that allows you to enhance your look, you need a strong foundation, meaning strong and healthy nails, entailing nail cuticles as well.

Let’s go through the key facts and tips to make sure you give them proper attention.

What is the role of nail cuticles?

Nail cuticles are situated on the top of your nails’s growth matrix. This matrix is a highly sensitive and vulnerable nail structure that can be easily damaged.

They play a role as the nerve center for your nails by creating new cells and pushing forward old ones when your nails grow. As a result, they are responsible for controlling the health of your nails.

What is more, they protect nails from infections and bacteria. Therefore, if you cut them incorrectly and, as a result, expose them to damage, you may end up with ridged, discolored nails that can easily break.

To cut or not to cut your nail cuticles?

Truth be told, there is a common misconception that you should cut your cuticles. Nevertheless, when you have your manicure done at a beauty salon, the nail technician doesn’t cut your cuticles, but only an area of dead skin around to prevent hangnails and improve the growth of your natural nails.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for the untrained eye to see where the cuticles end and the dry, dead skin starts. Therefore, if you are not sure, it is advisable to visit a professional nail technician to help you with this. Otherwise, you may damage the health of your nails.

How to moisturize your nail cuticles?

In fact, nail cuticles can get dry and flake, just like your skin. As a result, it is advisable to add your cuticle care to your daily skin care routine.

For example, when you moisturize your hands, keep in mind to save a little for your cuticles as well. You should always keep a moisturizer at hand to be able to apply it after you wash your hands.

Moreover, you can also check if your beauty salon offers paraffin wax. The treatment of soaking your hands and, consequently, your cuticles in the hot wax makes them softer and better moisturized.

Why don’t your nail cuticles like picking?

Although bits of skin hanging out of your nails can be tempting to pick and bite off, it is better not to do it.

This practice may seem innocent, but it can actually result in swollen and infected fingers as saliva is an enzyme that breaks down skin. Therefore, just don’t pick your cuticles if you don’t want any infections.

Why is cuticle maintenance important?

Finally, it is advisable to keep your cuticles oiled up to avoid dry skin around the base of your nails. Therefore, it is best to apply cuticle oil before going to bed by massaging it gently into the skin. Such massage will stimulate blood flow, which improves nail growth and health.

All in all, you should remember to keep your nail cuticles trimmed, cleaned, and moisturized. Nail cuticles are usually a forgotten area, but their well-being is essential for the health, strength, and growth of your nails.

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