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Amp up your style with cowboy hats



Whenever the topic of hats comes into the picture, you cannot help but discuss cowboy hats. The most popular of all the hats, the cowboy hat, has found its admirers amongst celebrities as well as the commoner. You can wear this hat on multiple occasions. When browsing through the diverse styles of cowboy hats, you should always ensure that the size and fitting are proper. When you get these two criteria right, there is no stopping you from becoming a fashion icon.

  • Cowboy hats – now and then

When cowboy hats appeared, people who worked outdoors and on the ranches mostly wore them. It is often referred to as a western hat. But now things have changed. It has become an extremely functional accessory. Irrespective of your profession, you can wear this hat. The style of this hat is such that it suits almost everyone. Thus, when shopping for this hat, you must check out the style, type, and size that work best for you. Most cowboy hats are tall in size and come with a rounded crown and flat brim. You can get these two things customized as per your requirement. You can adjust the brims so that it does not come in the way of your vision.

  • Different styles of fabric 

You will find cowboy hats in three basic types of material – felt, straw, and leather. If you want a stylish, durable hat, you should stick to felt cowboy hats. Since these hats are made of a thicker material, they are long-lasting. Unlike other varieties, this hat will not tear easily. Moreover, it also offers protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. But there is one drawback of this hat. Since it is thick, it does not provide good ventilation. You may feel uncomfortable after some time.

Why don’t you check out the straw cowboy hat? The gaps in the straw provide enough ventilation. The air can easily flow from the hat, keeping your head cool and comfortable. Remember that straw hats will be stiffer in nature because of the material. If you are okay with this, opt for this variety.

And finally, the last one to make a list, but not least, is the leather cowboy hats. The leather cowboy hat is a sleek fashion statement. It offers the right amount of protection against the harsh UV rays of the sun. It is also waterproof. This means you can wear this hat quickly during the monsoons without worrying about damage.

  • Where to buy your cowboy hats?

Many online stores are doing a great job. They have extensive collections of cowboy hats. The is one such site. When you check out the hats, pay attention to the hat size before ordering. If you order the wrong size, the hat will not fit properly.


Summing it up:

Which one should you buy? If this question bugs you, you need to make sure that while selecting the cowboy hat, you should give preference to your style and taste. If you don’t like the cowboy hat you bought, then you will hardly wear it. You are going to wear it. At the same time, remember to consider your budget.

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