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The Hat: Fashion Accessory or Social Necessity?



The hat denotes a covering piece used to cover the head, adorn or protect the head.

Hats of all styles, shapes and sizes have been with us since ancient days. Back then, they represented more than fashion tastes; they represented social classes and standing. In fact, it was the need to communicate status that the hat took its position as both a status symbol and a decoration.

Back then, its elaboration and size were proportional to the importance of the wearer.

Today, the hat still serves as a status symbol for royal families, certain professions and the like, but it has morphed largely into a fashion accessory. Availability is another aspect of this, as you can easily buy from a local hat store in Canada. In ancient times, it had to custom made for the owner.

Hat-Clothes Combinations

The way hats are worn today can be classified into two:

  • Casual hats
  • Social hats

Casual Hats

These have very few restrictions, and you can throw one on as long as it agrees with your outfit.

You have a lot more freedom and little need to match.

Social hats

The word social hats are not used in the same way as it was in ancient times. Today, a social hat refers to hats worn to specific occasions.

For example, when attending a royal wedding, the chosen hat has to match the dress, be of the same fabric or tonality. On the other hand, a hat should match the bag or shoes when attending a regular wedding.

Unlike the casual hat, the social hat is subject to more restrictions.

Choosing The Ideal Hat

Whatever your reason for wearing a hat is, picking the right hat is important. You need an appropriate hat, functional and one that is visually flattering.

Here are tips to help you pick the perfect hat every time.

1. Think Purpose

The appropriateness of a hat is dependent on the purpose. Is it a casual or social hat, for one?

If it’s a casual chat, where will you be wearing it? To a function, the beach, a date, or a night out? This will narrow down your options.

2. Head Shape

The same hat can look completely different on differently shaped heads. It might help to look up tips on how to choose hats online before you go shopping.

That aside, it might help to shop in physical shops where you can try out different hats and find out what works best for you. These also tend to have shop assistants to help you through the process.

For hat lovers today, a good hat can be a fashion accessory or a necessity in a certain social setting.

Whatever the reasons for wearing it, find the right hat for you and rock it!

I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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