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Best Business Books of All Time



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There is no wrong or right reason to start a business. Many people are looking for ways that feed their passion; intend to build their careers to bring freedom and money. This process is not the easier one, but it takes only one step to start a thousand miles. The same one-step applies to the business world as everything starts with advanced preparation, energy, and capital. Recently, people started to buy dissertations as a great way to prepare your next business plan.

The following are some of the best business books for those who wish to start a business and thrive in it and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Think and grow rich

This book by Napoleon Hill is considered a must-read book for business entrepreneurs and beginners. The book is rich with tips that make you understand the money-making practices. It teaches you how to use your ideas and thoughts to accumulate riches by taking you on an adventure by revealing the secrets of millionaires.

In search of excellence

In search of excellence is a book that focuses on the studies of American companies and their internal way of doing things. It deals with the features that boost and nurture employees. The book promotes the readiness to learn more about business and acquire it. The vital thoughts of this book focus on management strategies drawn from management theory.

The black swan

This book does a critical analysis on the term Black Swan which is a wildly unexpected event. This black swan means that it can either be negative or positive consequences that may happen in life. The book tackles two thoughts; Extremistan and Mediocristan. The book states that many people fall in the category of Mediocristan while the faces of famous, and where most events take place, belong to Extremistan. The books value the power of unpredictable events and those things with less value.

The innovator’s dilemma

This book, by Clayton, has been cited by world top leaders such as Steve Jobs. This bestselling book focuses that most developed companies that have grown higher can still lose the leadership market. This book is revolutionary. It reveals the secrets of distractive technology through studies of failures and successes of companies that are successful.

The lean startup

The lean startup book by Eric Ries pays attention to the manufacturing revolution developed at Toyota company. The startup is the most efficient issue, which involves a methodology for coming up and managing startups as startups are not the same as the standard business practices. The book is incredible and offers a way to apply and prevent failure when starting your business.

Good to great

Good to great is a book by Jim Collins. It focuses on the research findings done for half-decade from when a company goes from good to great. Moving from better to great is easy when said but hard when put into action. However, this book gives a systematic approach: a process that involves building up to achieve a breakthrough, phases to move from good to great, and flywheel. This book is suitable for top management, such as CEOs.


Starting up a business comes with many challenges. Be prepared to face these challenges and maneuver. Ensure you have business knowledge with these top business books, and you will be a business mogul.


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