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Buying An Electric Vehicle? How To Choose What’s Best For You



Have skyrocketing gas prices prompted you to consider buying an electric vehicle? If so, you’re not alone. All across the country, motorists are rethinking every aspect of their lives. Everyday commutes have gotten so expensive that many have shifted to remote jobs, distance learning, online shopping, and staycations to save money at the pump.

For many Americans, driving has become a necessity instead of the modern convenience they once enjoyed. Such realizations have encouraged more consumers to switch to electric vehicles (EVs). If buying an electric car is on your to-do list, these tips will help you make a suitable choice.

Evaluate Your Budget

While purchasing an energy-powered vehicle would eliminate fuel expenses, there are other costs to keep in mind. For starters, the sticker price on EVs is a lot higher than on fuel-powered cars, so be prepared to pay more at the dealership. Then there’s auto insurance; agencies charge motorists more to cover EVs because they incur more damage in accidents and cost more to repair.

This may not be a major issue as there are many ways of reducing premiums. Also, the difference can be negligible in most cases as the rate calculations are largely based on your driving history, zip code and usage. Still, it is advisable to find out the cost by getting several car insurance comparison quotes. That way you will not have surprises.

Although you won’t pay the high gas prices, you may notice an increase in your utility bill as you’ll need to keep your electric car charged and ready to go. Review the difference in car ownership costs of energy vs. fuel-powered vehicles. Then compare it to your household budget to ensure it’s something you can afford.

Review Vehicle Options

There was a time when consumers only had one or two models of electric vehicles to choose from; however, that has changed. Some of the top automobile manufacturers have stepped up to the plate, offering EVs in various sizes, styles, performance levels, and classes to appeal to consumers’ tastes and preferences.

With so many selections, it’s good to research which EV is best for you. Pay attention to range, battery type, performance, safety, and technology. Get a feel for driver experience and quality by checking out consumer reviews. You might even want to visit a few dealerships and test drive your top five options to gain more perspective.

Shop For Charging Stations

While EV owners can charge their rides using a traditional three-prong outlet at home, it may not be the best option. Charging your vehicle this way can take hours and may even cause issues with your home’s electrical system (i.e., short-circuiting and house fires). An electric vehicle charging station provides a safer, more convenient solution.

Shop for charging stations based on the specifications of your EV battery. You’ll also want to have the unit professionally installed to ensure it’s done accurately and safely.

Research Public Charging Stations

EV batteries can get you pretty far on a full charge, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook the availability of public charging stations in your community. You want to ensure that there are enough establishments with units to provide your vehicle with the energy boost it needs. If there aren’t that many charging stations along your regular routes, you’ll want to ensure you charge your battery fully before leaving home and be mindful of your mileage.

Find The Best Price

You’ve done your due diligence. The final step is searching for the best price on your chosen EV. While you might find advertisements from previous car owners tempting, working with a dealership is recommended. Dealerships have more options, warranties, service contracts, and more, helping you save money and providing peace of mind. Not to mention, buying a used EV could come with a lot of issues that only increase your costs as a car owner.

Hopefully, inflated prices at the pump will decline, but there’s no telling how long it will take. If owning a fuel-powered car has altered your lifestyle, perhaps an electric vehicle is a suitable investment. After weighing the pros and cons of being an EV owner, use the suggestions listed above to ensure that you get an environmentally-friendly car that meets your needs (and saves the planet).

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