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Does AutoZone Install Batteries for Free?



Quality parts can keep your vehicle running for years, but even the best car batteries need replacement eventually. Though small compared to the engine, your battery is essential to driving; without the electricity it generates, your engine wouldn’t be able to start. That’s not to mention all the other things the battery powers, such as the headlights, radio and interior lights. So what should you do when your battery seems to be on its last legs?

Fortunately, AutoZone offers many services for batteries, including testing, replacement and charging. Here’s what you can expect when you visit AutoZone.

Does AutoZone Test Car Batteries for Free?

Yes, AutoZone tests car batteries for free. If your battery is dead, it may be because it will no longer hold a charge or it may simply be temporarily expended from lights being left on. To determine whether you need to get a new battery or if recharging will suffice, an AutoZone team member can run a test.

This involves hooking your battery up to the AutoZone Starting and Charging Tester, which measures charge and voltage. The results can indicate if your battery needs immediate replacement or if there’s a bad cell that may give you problems in the future. The whole experience takes less than five minutes.

Will AutoZone Replace Battery Terminals?

Yes, in compliance with a warranty or upon purchase of a replacement battery. Many people don’t know how to install a car battery; when you visit AutoZone, that’s not a problem. Team members are more than happy to take out a dead battery and install the replacement. The process takes around ten minutes and you can drive your car immediately afterward.

If your battery is completely dead and you can’t get your car to AutoZone, you can try getting a jump. This provides a small charge to the battery — enough to get your car running.

Does AutoZone Charge Batteries for Free?

Sometimes you don’t need to replace the battery — as long as it’s not damaged or too old, a battery can be recharged and as good as new. The battery will need to be removed from the vehicle, which a team member can help with, and brought into the store for recharging. The process takes around 30 minutes; you’re free to leave the battery at the store and pick it up once it’s charged or wait on-location.

What Are Some Signs You Need To Replace Your Battery?

You may be wondering how to tell if your battery is dead. The most obvious sign is that your vehicle won’t start. However, there are a few more subtle indications that your battery is going out:

  • Check engine light is flashing
  • Battery is more than four years old
  • Battery smells like rotten eggs
  • Battery is bloated
  • Radio won’t turn on
  • Engine cranks slowly
  • Battery light is flashing

Having a reliable battery is crucial to your safety and convenience; you don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead vehicle. Fortunately, AutoZone makes it easy to take care of your car. They also make it easy to replace your powersports batteries.


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