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The Best Shoes to Wear With Your Favorite Sweats



Sweatsuits and separate sweatpants are perennially popular casual clothing when temperatures drop. Although you may not be trying to make a fashion statement when you put on a pair of sweats, your choice of footwear has a noticeable effect on how you look. From Birkenstock clearance finds to cheap mens Puma shoes and womens sneakers to cozy slippers, here are the best shoes to sport with sweats.

Let Your Feet Breathe

Sweatpants and sweatshirts originated as athletic practice uniforms. These garments are designed to keep the wearer’s muscles warm. If you like to wear sweatpants while the weather is still relatively warm, you can increase your overall comfort by putting on a pair of sandals.

The sandals you choose to wear with sweats will determine your look. Combining shower slides, flip flops or other athletic or pool sandals with sweatpants or a sweatshirt creates a very casual look. This ensemble would not look out of place at a gym or pool.

You can also prioritize comfort outside of the locker room by slipping on a pair of orthopedic sandals made of premium materials such cork, leather and nubuck leather alternative. If you want to keep wearing sandals even as the weather cools, this shoe style is often worn with thick socks.

Get Ready To Move

Sweats are workout clothing, which makes sneakers the most obvious footwear pairing. You can wear this easy combination for physical activity, while running errands or while relaxing.

Depending on the thickness of sweats and whether sneakers are designed to stand up to cold weather and precipitation, this combination can work out year-round in practically any weather conditions. Most low-top and high-top sneakers fit well with sweats.

You can draw attention to Adidas originals shoes or any other statement sneakers by wearing tapered joggers, or sweatpants that have cinched ankles. This design keeps your pants out of the way. You may also prefer relaxed or straight leg sweatpants depending on the activity and the design of sneaker uppers.

Kick Back and Relax

Slippers and lined boots are another obvious footwear pairings for sweats. This footwear is even more casual than sandals, which can be worn with sweats during activities that require frequent changes of footwear or foot protection from gym locker room floors.

Sneakers, sandals and slippers are all obvious pairings for sweats. Although sweatpants come in a wide variety of colors, designs and materials, these garments can be challenging to dress up. Wearing sweats with sandals or sneakers is a low-key, go-anywhere look. Slippers and sweatpants put comfort ahead of style, though there are many cozy lined moccasins and boots that you can wear with any style of sweats.

When you go out of the house, you are likely to be most comfortable when wearing supportive sandals or sneakers with sweats. Slip on flip flops, slides or slippers for easy comfort, depending on the season. Make sure that any shoes you wear with sweats make your feet feel as comfortable as the rest of your body and complement the color and cut of your clothing.


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