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Dating an Asian Woman



Among the world’s most beautiful girl’s Asian girls are considered to be the world’s favorite. There are many things which make them the most favorite such as family values, caring nature and obviously the beauty. These features make the Asian girls more attractive. Asian girls are charming with the most attractive eyes and shiny black hair. They are mysterious in their own way. They are very attractive a look exotic. The looks of the Asian girl make them a beautiful and charming bride. There are some set of rules of does and dont’s while dating an Asian woman or meeting an Asian woman online.

Things to Know Before Dating an Asian Girl

  • Taking off Shoes While Entering the House: They have lot of religious beliefs and have been raised in such a way that all the values have been imbibed in them. One such rule is taking off the shoes while entering the house. So, make sure your feet are fresh or you can try wearing a sock.
  • Chopsticks: The Asian girls are taught to use chopsticks before they can even speak. So never frown when they use them. Asian girls consider them the best utensil. They might even eat hot Cheetos with a chopstick to keep the dust of Cheetos off the fingers.
  • Don’t Just Assume The Language They Speak Is Asian: they are good in speaking English and may not have grown up knowing any other language. So, you can try and talk to them respectably and not just use sign language with them.
  • Language Other Than English: There family generally want them to be all-rounders so they might know more than one language apart from English.
  • Try Adjusting To Their Customer As She Does To Yours: Try and learn a few words which you might pick up while speaking with her. It makes her comfortable with you.
  • Parents: Their parents have decided each second of their life because they loved deciding it. Their parents have decided the weekends and the career I would have to choose. The parents would always choose how their daughters would be better than ever.
  • Playing an Instrument: As they are been trained since child hood to become all-rounders. They know how to play an instrument.
  • Eating Out and Paying the Bills: The Asian culture holds relatives very close to each other. Hence the children have grown up seeing their parents, uncle and aunts fighting each other to pay bills for each other after a family dinner. So, they surely are trained to do the same.
  • Suitor Rejection: Asian parents will always want their daughters to marry their friend’s son or an acquaintance so that they can be sure their daughters are safe after marriage because of their protective nature. So, you need to be prepared to be rejected.
  • Eating Anything They Want: They are a foodie and love eating. So, it’s better not to comment on what they should eat.
  • Dark Hair: They have black hair and they love it. It suits them. Make sure not comment on it.


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