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Dr. Bruce G. Fagel – Why It Is Your Duty To Report Medical Malpractice When You Suspect It



If you should be in the care of a doctor or a nurse and something happens to you which came about because of something you suspect to be negligence or medical malpractice then you have to ensure that you speak to legal professional. Law firms like those at the offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel are experts when it comes to these kinds of cases and they will be able to help you out.

So many people fail to come forward and that is not good at all, there is in fact a really importance that you at least get some advice when you have been through a situation like this, and here is why.

But First

One of the most important reasons for getting advice before anything else is the fact that you may not actually have a case. Not every mistake made by a doctor or a nurse is considered as negligence or malpractice. In fact there are many things which could happen based on the decision of a medical professional, which are sadly just the result of a particular course of action, which has been entirely legal. Speaking to a lawyer will give you a very clear picture on where you stand.

Preventing a Repeat

There are so many scenarios which can lead to medical malpractice and negligence. Occasionally this could be a one off situation, or there may also be deeper reasons why this has happened. In fact the large number of malpractice cases which have been successful, has found that there is a trend which needs to be stopped. In some cases this could be a medical professional who has personal issues of some kind which result in dangerous operations at work. In other cases we find that hospitals have been underfunded or badly run and that is why this situation has occurred. Either way what will happen as a result of you speaking up is that the truth can be found out and we can prevent anything from happening like this in the future to another patient. When a hospital loses a medical malpractice case, they must have a deep internal review to identify why it has happened and ensure that they avoid it in the future.

Doling Out Punishment

When it comes to punishment the only real power which the courts have is to fine the hospital and force them into paying compensation. Depending on the gravity of the incident, this can seem slightly tame. The reality however is that hitting a hospital in the pocket and suspending or terminating a member of their team does hurt the hospital and forces them into taking action which again, will prevent these things from ever happening again. Of course there is the added, and very slight relief, of the victim being given some amount of compensation based on what has happened to them.

This is why you must always report suspected medical malpractice.

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