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Easy Fashion Options for Men



Oscar Wilde once said, “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” While the Irish poet’s witticism smacks of sarcasm, it highlights the principal reason why many men have a hard time taking fashion seriously. After several years of spending hundreds of dollars on new clothes and shoes to stay fashionable, the average man is ready to throw in the towel. The result – in many instances – is a transition from high fashion to old fashion.

While there’s nothing wrong with wearing what you like without worrying about how you look, there’s a third option available to fashion-fatigued men: opting for easy yet stylish clothing and footwear options. Doing so achieves the best of both worlds in terms of style and comfort.

The following are six sections covering easy fashion options for men:


Big or small, tall or short, a man can never go wrong with a collection of classic t-shirts. While it may require one to know which colors look best, solid color tees are ideal. Graphic tees – while more visually interesting – are a bit too juvenile and loud to be worn on a regular basis. Meanwhile, solid colors go with more outfit options and tend to be more comfortable (they lack the ink and paint found on graphic tees. Solid color t-shirts are also affordable, usually priced below $20 per shirt. Lastly, they’re available year-round, making them an easy option for those in a pinch.

Dress Shirts

Every man needs a few dress shirts. But the choice of color and shade matters. While bold colors like crimson and royal blue are commonly sought by men trying to find a hue they feel is strong and masculine, lighter colors are more practical as well as fashionable. Solid white, light blue, and light gray are the best options to go with. Stick to classic and medium collars as opposed to long point, figurate, and other styles that fall in and out of fashion. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with a series of light-colored dress shirts with classic collars.


Everyone knows denim jeans never go out of style. With that said, variations in cut and dye do fall in and out of popularity, requiring men with limited patience with fashion to choose timeless styles. We recommend a pair of straight-cut midrise navy blue jeans, a pair of regular-fit black denim, and vintage wash jeans with tapered inseam. These three styles should guarantee you always have a matching pair to go with your shirts and shoes. Avoid distressed denim with manufactured holes and artificial stains. Given enough time, you’ll add your own wear and tear to the denim, which is more than enough.


A few pairs of chinos will provide you with stylish pants options year-round. While most men prefer shorts in summer, there are times when shorts don’t cut it in terms of style and presence. The breathability of chinos makes them the perfect compromise. Coupled with the added variety of colors, ranging from salmon pink to jet black, chinos serve as an easy and comfortable pants option without sacrificing style.


While “dad shoes” are a comfortable rite of passage for men who no longer care about style, they aren’t the only option available. What’s more, other options, like men’s casual slip on shoes, are easy to put on and take off while also looking stylish. Did we mention they’re also incredibly comfortable, providing lasting support? Slip-on shoes cover a wide variety of colors, styles, and fabrics, making it easy for men to find several pairs that fit into their personal sense of style.


Do you own an Apple Watch or another type of smartwatch? If so, the interchangeability of the watchbands makes them an easy way for men to accessorize. Simply swap out one watchband for another that better matches your outfit.

Fashion is a seemingly never ending pursuit of what’s hot and equally relentless abandonment of what’s not. For men tired of the chase, it can be easy to throw in the towel and start dressing like their dads. But there’s an alternative path available to those who want to look good without having to work hard to do it.

Michael Driver is a freelance writer from Texas. When not writing about fashion, he enjoys covering topics related to history, movies, and sports. Michael can be reached at


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