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Five University Tips for Students Living in a Foreign Country



Living and going to school in a foreign country isn’t easy, but there are still things you can do to make life in another country a little less stressful for you. From hiring a professional essay writing service to taking a dual dictionary with you wherever you go, there are small things that can help you learn the English language when it isn’t your native language. It is said that English is the most difficult language to learn, but it isn’t impossible. Below are a few things that can help you when you’re a student in a country that isn’t your own.

1. Get to Know Some of the Locals

It’s easy to hang around with people from your own country, but the more you befriend some of the locals, the easier it’ll be to learn their language. Learning English out of a book is one thing; hearing it being exercised by real people is quite another. Try to make friends with as many people from that country as you can. This is the best way to hear what the English language is supposed to sound like, and it’ll help you pick up the language a lot faster.

2. Take Some Shortcuts When You Can

A custom essay writing service will produce papers for you that are required in certain classes, and you can learn a lot about the language by reading and studying these papers. These services are completely legitimate and offer fast turnaround times, so you can get a great paper even if you wait until the last minute. Plus, you’ll know the paper is written correctly because it is written by the experts. It’s a great way to learn more about the English language than you did before.

3. Use a Dual-Language Dictionary or App

There are apps for everything these days, so find yourself an app that is some type of dual-language dictionary. This will allow you to look up new words at the spur of the moment. This will help you learn a few new words every day, and before you know it, you’ll be adding a lot of words to your list of memorized words. If you prefer an old-fashioned paper dictionary, that’s all right, too. The point is to have a way to instantly look up a new word whenever you need to do so.

4. Learn the Basics

There are numerous apps you can find that teach you a foreign language, and many of them will teach you the basics for free. There’s no bad time to start learning the basics, so start as early as you can in order to feel more comfortable when you finally get there. Even after you arrive in your new country and start taking classes, continue studying on your own to become more proficient at it.

5. Always Be Open-Minded

Soak up the culture in your new country, and if you find yet another way to learn their language a little better, go ahead and do it. The more you’re exposed to the English language, the more comfortable you’ll feel speaking it. This means taking advantage of every opportunity you have to get more familiar with the language and learning all the nuances that the language offers.


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