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Guide to buying an Electric Guitar



What should you look for when buying an electric guitar? There’s a lot of things to consider such as size, neck size, instrument quality, as well as the colour and especially the equipment and accessories it comes with. One of the main things that will help you find the perfect electric guitar is to find a music store that sells the highest quality electric guitars in your area.

Music Planet not only sells electric guitars, but they sell all sorts of other instruments as well. Not to mention they have chain stores all across New Zealand as well as a website where you can browse their selections and buy instruments online. Their electric guitars, especially, are the best in all of New Zealand.

But what else should help you when choosing what electric guitar you want to buy? The first and probably the most important thing for you to choose when buying an electric guitar—or even just looking at one—is figuring out what kind of music you want to play. Guitars and electric guitars have one of the widest variety of sounds and genres of most other instruments, so choosing your genre will factor in your decision on what electric guitar you want to purchase.

Do you play metal? If so, then your electric guitar would be designed for metal and heavy rock with a deeper, heavier sound. Or what if you play blues? You would need an electric guitar that has a warmer sound. Music Planet has such a wide range of guitars to choose from.

Then, the next factor is that you want to make sure the music store you shop at has the best and top brands in electric guitars. So, what are the top brands for electric guitars in NZ? Gibson, Fender, and Ibanez and Music Planet sell guitars from all of these brands. They also sell other types of guitars like acoustic guitars, guitars, acoustic-electric guitars, not just electric guitars. They also sell accessories and guitar strings—in case you need new strings or break your old ones.

  1. Vox Bobcat V90 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Sunburst. It costs $1,799. It’s a 6-string electric guitar with soapbar pickups and a sunburst finish, made by Vox. It has a semi-hollow body and a vintage inspired design that most electric guitars these days lack while also staying true to the original designs, and has modern day improvements.
  2. Vox Bobcat V90 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Cherry Red. It costs $1,799. This is another semi-hollow, 6-string electric guitar that has soapbar pickups. But this one has a cherry red finish also made by Vox. The pickguard and pickups are all based on the original Vox Bobcat design and the plastic used is from the exact same hue. Knobs are made from aluminium and based on regular guitars. The overall design is from the original vintage feel from the 1960s.

Electric guitars and equipment to play one doesn’t have to be difficult to buy, especially when you go to a store like Music Planet who are passionate in helping musicians find the instrument that’s perfect for them and having high quality instruments and equipment for them in their musical journey through life.


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