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Daily Skin Care Routine For A Blemished Skin



Blemished skin is caused by extreme sun exposure without any sun protection or acne scars; this is how you should take care of it. Blemishes are generally scar tissues that will eventually fade. However, here is how to care for blemished skin. This will quicken the process and ensure the blemishes do not get worse.

What Is Blemished Skin

Blemished skin is generally caused by scars from acne or other skin issues, and when this infected skin gets exposed to sunlight, it can become darker and more prominent.

To ensure that doesn’t happen, you have to maintain the following skincare routine to the T.

How To Take Care Of It

We will give you a complete guide to take care of your skin both in the morning and at night. Let us first begin with the morning routine.

‘After Good Morning’

Here is what you should do the moment you wake up from a good slumber.

1. Use A Gentle Cleanser In The Morning

Do not rub your face too harshly; this can open active blemishes and cause further infection and spreading. Do not use any harsh applicators, simply use your hands and clean the wound and scars thoroughly. You should do this to cleanse your face from all the oil that has gathered throughout the night.

2. Apply Blemish Treatment Gel

If your blemish seems to be severe, it is better to check with a dermatologist and get a blemish treatment. This should help you treat your skin professionally without being too harsh on it. You apply this on the very affected area since these creams generally have drying agents.

3. Apply Moisturizers Over

First, let the treatment dry, and then to add the extra moisturization, you must apply a light moisturizer on top of that. This will ensure that the treatment doesn’t get over dry and you have some hydration on your face.

4. Apply Sunscreen

No matter what you apply, without the right sun protection, you are exposing your skin to UV rays, which can worsen the blemishes. So not only should you ensure daily sun protection, but keep reapplying if you will be in the sun for too long.

5. Hydrate Your Skin

There is a myth about blemished skin caused by acne that dry skin will help to keep your skin less oily. However, a certain amount of hydration is important so that your skin doesn’t get over-dry and starts producing more sebum. This will lead to more blemishes due to acne. So, keep hydrating your skin by drinking water or by using a water-based face mist, especially during the winter.

‘Before Good Night’

Before you go for that deep sleep, and switch off for the day, here is what you should do for your skin.

1. Gently Wash Your Face

Again wash your face to detox your face from all the daily dirt and bacteria accumulation. This will give you a clean canvas for your night skin routine. Once a week, you can exfoliate but very gently. Preferably with ingredients like salicylic acid or tea tree oil.

2. Apply A Toner

It is time to apply a toner, to further enhance the cleaning of excess oil from the surface of your face.

3. Acne Treatment Serum

Once you have clear skin, you can apply a serum that can treat your blemishes overnight. Possibly something with retinol that helps build new skin cells, collagen, or mild hyaluronic acid.

4. Moisturizing Night Cream

Once that is on your face, let it sit for a few minutes. You can even tap and massage it deep inside your pores. Once that is well settled, seal the routine with a moisturizing night cream. This will prevent your skin from drying out overnight.

Continue One Treatment!

When you choose a treatment, do not jump to another within a week because you do not see many changes in your blemish. You need to practice patience because it is not a matter of overnight.

Before shifting to another, you will have to take at least a month or six weeks to see whether a treatment is working for you. Try to have very minimal products for your skin routine, do not put too many products on your face, as the effect can backfire.


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