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How a widow dating site may improve your love life



A widow dating site: can it change anything?

Being a widow or a widower is hard. Starting a new life after losing your partner seems impossible. Some people manage to put up with their sorrow while others cannot imagine their further lives at all. No matter how difficult you experience the loss, life goes on. You cannot deprive yourself of happiness, especially if you have children who must see their parents happy and have an example in front of their eyes.

Although it may be quite challenging to start seeing someone and going out with the purpose of finding a date, you can always register on a widow dating site for new acquaintances. Such a place will not only give you a chance to build a new decent personal life but also distract you from being locked in yourself. There are a few nuances you should know before you try online dating for widows and widowers. Learn more about them right now!

Why a dating site for widowers may be helpful

You can meet people who understand your sorrow and problems There are plenty of dating websites for all categories of singles. However, when being a widow or a widower, you may subscribe to a specific website. It will host only people like you who experienced the same losses. You do not have to handle people who cannot understand you but automatically, each of the candidates on such websites knows what the loss means and how difficult it is for you to start your new life.
A large pool of singles A dating site doesn’t require you to go out and meet a potential single. Everyone who joins such platforms is a priori single, otherwise, they would not be there. It facilitates your efforts a lot!
Very time-saving Of course, the question of spending plenty of time on your search in real life is not urgent now. Subscribing and browsing a few profiles that match your criteria and expectations is not time-consuming.
Helps you overcome your main fears Talking to someone in reality may be confusing. Communication online is much easier. If you are scared or uncomfortable initiating a conversation, on a dating site, you might be contacted by other people who will happily send you their first messages. After that, you will not feel any embarrassment anymore.

How to choose a dating site for widows/widowers

The Internet is teeming with various dating platforms. If you research just a little bit, you will find some of them created specifically for widowed people. Do not hurry to register on widow dating site once seeing the “widow” title. Here are a few tips on how to pick your widower dating platform:

  • Sometimes, it is better to register on a common dating site than a specific one designed for widows (they may host more eligible singles and increase your chances to find a potential date or partner);
  • Check the reputation of the website (see what other users say, whether there are any success stories, and if there is no scam on this website. It takes just a few minutes but will be very helpful);
  • Avoid totally free sites (they are not controlled by anyone and no one will bear responsibility for its members. There is also no background check at all).

Efficient tips for widowed dating

Dating as a widower is undoubtedly challenging. All people have their baggage of experience but knowing what the loss of your partner is makes the problem even bigger. Sometimes, we all need help to recover. Below, you will find some very helpful tips every widow or widower should take into account, even considering a widow dating site.

Take your time to recover

Yes, I am ready for a new adventure and relationship! This is a very common mistake made not only by windows but also by divorced people or those who just broke up. They believe that a new relationship will help them forget their problems and recover sooner. Unfortunately, if you are not fully recovered from your previous relationship or loss, your next union is sentenced to failure.

Psychologists recommend passing the six stages of escaping destructive relationships. They do not mean an abusive or unhappy marriage. A destructive relationship is any union that does not exist anymore. If you lost your partner, divorced, or broke up, you must escape from a destructive relationship.

It takes time. Perfectly, at least one year must pass before starting a new relationship. It still doesn’t mean you should just wait a year. The time is given to work on yourself. If not doing it, you may not be ready for a new successful union even in ten years. Take your time to recover from your loss and accept it. Leave your partner. Do not hurry to date before doing it because it will anyways not be successful and will hurt even more. When failing one relationship after another, you may lose the thirst to live and date fully.

Do not compare anyone to your late partner

That is another mistake, especially when losing someone you have loved too much. Realize that all people are different. You will never meet anyone who would be just like your previous partner. Be open to different people. Someone will be less beautiful but more caring while another person may take care of you more than anyone else but be not as sociable as your ex partner.

This is absolutely normal. You should not look for someone like your late spouse. Give everyone a chance to express themselves. Very often, widowers pick people who resemble their deceased spouses physically. You are not even attracted to the personality of this person but only focused on the appearance. Avoid this by all means! No one should resemble your lost one. It’s great if you meet someone different!

You do not betray anyone

The feeling of guilt is a frequent accompaniment of widowers. They think that if they go on dates or meet someone on widow dating site, they betray their deceased spouses. You should get rid of this feeling. It’s not your fault that your spouse passed away. You are still alive and most likely, your late wife or husband would want you to be happy.

Give yourself a chance to smile, laugh, and have dates again. Going for a date does not mean you start a relationship immediately. This is a new experience that will remind you are still alive and have a right to enjoy life again.

Consider different widow dating sites like Sofiadate or reliable dating apps. Check the reviews of people who used it before. Make sure you are not using a non-credible platform that will bring you more negative experiences. Good luck!


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