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How to create a low maintenance living room



A low maintenance living room is something which most bust 9-5 workers need in their lives. Busy people often do not have the time to worry about the state of their furniture and removing stains from carpets. If you are someone who is dreaming of living in a low maintenance living room, then this is the article for you.

Consider laminate flooring

Even though carpet is very popular within living rooms and living areas, it can be high maintenance as it needs to be vacuumed regularly to keep it looking neat and tidy. Carpets also unfortunately stain after dark liquids are spilt, so if you are looking for a low maintenance living room, then you may need to remove the carpet.

Cheap laminate flooring is ideal, as some laminate has a wooden floor effect, so you are able to have a luxurious looking wooden floor style for considerable less money than a real wooden floor. Furthermore, installation is often very quick and easy with laminate, so if you don’t have time to wait, then laminate is a great idea.

Get rid of curtains

The use of curtains within modern interior design has lessened. Curtains are no longer an essential feature within a home, as we now have more advanced heating systems, so curtains no longer need to keep the heat within a home and blinds and shutters have increased in popularity. However, curtains can help to create a rather regal look within an interior, but they often hold dirt and dust if they are not cleaned regularly, so these need to go!

Use leather furnishings

Leather is a very sturdy material and it is not prone to wear and tear. Leather sofas can last for decades, so they are ideal for a busy family home or someone who doesn’t want to worry about ruining their sofa. If the use of genuine leather is something which you are against, there are many faux leather material sofas available which are of just as good quality as genuine leather.

You can even go one step further by purchasing leather protector and cleaner in order to keep leather furniture in the best condition possible.

Use throws to protect furniture

If you aren’t ready to part ways with your current furnishings, you can place throws over them to protect them from any future potential damage. Throws also help to give warmth and comfort, so you will be able to protect your furniture whilst being comfortable, so it’s win-win in this situation.

Get rid of clutter

It’s easy to have lots of clutter in a living room, as it is sometimes hard to part ways with beloved items and furnishings. However, clutter can ruin the appeal of a room and it dust can settle on horded items, so now is a good opportunity to sort out your living room items and to decide which items should stay or go. Storage boxes and organisers help to keep excess items stored away, you can even purchase customised boxes which label the items that are inside the box.

Consider incorporating hard wood objects into the room

Hard wood objects can last for decades, they are even handed down from family members because of their longevity. The reason why hard wood should be incorporated into a low maintenance living room, is because they are not prone to wear and tear and they may never need to be replaced, so it is a good investment for those who want furniture to last for many decades. Second-hand hard wood furniture is a more cost-effective purchase, as genuine hard wood product can be pricey, so if you are on a budget, second hand is fine and it helps save the trees!

Use plastic plants

Plants are a beautiful feature which are included in most high end designed living rooms. However, looking after a real plant takes responsibility, so they are not ideal for low maintenance living rooms. On the other hand, faux plants or plastic plants look very realistic and they add an artistic flare to any room. Faux plants are also reasonably priced and most home interior shops stock them, so this is an easy and cost-effective purchase.

While you can use these tips now to create a low maintenance living room, you might want to upskill and become a licensed architect or interior designer in the future. You could enroll for an online degree and start growing your interior design portfolio today.

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