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How to Plan a Fall Weekend Getaway



Fall offers many options for planning a long weekend away with your family. The weather and changing of the leaves make it appealing for travel before winter hits!

Fall weekend trips are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the season with your loved ones. Whether you want to spend time in a cabin in the mountains, take a day trip to a local winery, or explore a historic town, there are a few things to keep in mind. These tips include creating an itinerary, packing appropriately, and deciding what you will do for meals.

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Let’s look at these tips and how they will create lots of memories for your family.

Create Your Itinerary

It is important to have an itinerary with scheduled activities when you are traveling with your kids. These details give everyone something to look forward to, and a busy day ensures your young ones will be tuckered out by day’s end (hopefully). This also is a great setup for parents so they have time to rest and recharge, too.

Itineraries contain important details that you need all in one place. For example, include departure and arrival times for each activity. Write down details like locations, reservations, names, addresses, and contact information. Don’t forget to leave flexibility for breaks and spontaneity, too.

The good thing about itineraries is that they give you direction about your plan for each day. However, they are just a guideline. Feel free to throw any and all events to the side when you find an activity you like more or when you want to rest – which is probably every second of the day if you have young children.

Packing for Your Trip

Remember to pack appropriate clothing and necessities for your trip. For example, bring hiking boots, a water bottle, and thick socks for a hiking day. For an afternoon of pumpkin picking followed by dinner, choose comfy shoes that you can wear in the fields, and bring a light jacket or sweater for cooler temperatures after the sun goes down.

Bring photo identification, medications, chargers, and a first aid kit for any overnight stays. Mini first aid kits are great for long days on your feet when you need a bandage. Bring entertainment in case the weather turns. Rainy days are more fun when you are stuck inside with board games, books, and music.

Dining Out vs. Cooking at Home

Decide on a game plan ahead of time for food. Make reservations for the meals when you want to dine out. Head to the grocery store for the ingredients you need for the recipes you are making at your rental. While you are at it, pack a few snacks for moments when you feel “hangry” between meals!

One of the most enjoyable parts about fall is all of the treats. Before your trip, research bakeries, cafes, and food trucks that are near your destination. Add them to your itinerary for fun stops and happy tummies along the way.

Planning Fall Weekend Travel with Your Family

Fall is a time for apple picking at the farm, hiking in the mountains, and food and music festivals. No matter which activity your family chooses, there are a few tips to keep in mind as you plan. Write up a schedule with activities and their details, pack the items and clothing that are appropriate for these activities, and decide when to dine out or cook at home for your meals. Enjoy and happy fall, y’all!


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