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Why You Should Plant A Tree As A Gift



Buying a thoughtful gift for someone can be difficult, especially when they are the proverbial someone who has everything. When faced with purchasing a gift and you have no idea what they would like or are uncertain if they already have it, consider planting a tree as a gift in their name.

There are many services that will ship a tree as a gift, with instructions, to the recipient. Instead of sending the tree directly to the recipient, there is an option for having the tree planted in their honor in one of the many reforestation projects around the country. Look into some compelling reasons for how to plant a tree gift for someone instead of giving a traditional present.

A Lasting Treasure

When you plant a tree as a gift, you are giving a gift that will potentially last a very long time. When planted in a noteworthy place, such as on a homestead, a tree will grow through the seasons over time to form a remembrance and celebration of the recipient’s life. Depending on the type of tree chosen, it could remain for generations, providing seasonal beauty for many years.

Memorialize An Event

If you would like to make a real impact look into memorializing a special occasion for someone important and plant a tree in their name. To plant a tree for an important milestone or life event is a glorious way to show that you care. A tree planted at the birth of a child or grandchild is a lovely way to commemorate the day. As the years pass the tree will grow into a fond memory for the family.


The planting of a tree is a first-rate idea when you purchase a gift for someone who passionately supports the planet. The National Forest Foundation has tree planting available in honor of the recipient and The National Forests and Parks in all regions across the United States. From east to west and all in between, you will find groups that will assist you in planting a tree that your favorite environmentalist will adore. Make a big impression today and check into how to “plant a tree gift” for the gift of conservation.

A Unique Gift

When looking for a unique gift to contribute to a friend’s birthday or other special occasion, giving a living, planted tree in their honor will most likely fit the bill. This distinctive gift will make an impression on the recipient and definitely stand out from the crowd. For more information on how to bestow this gift on someone important to you looking online for “plant a tree gift”.

Plant A Tree Gift

Contact the service of choice for the next important gift event and plant a tree to honor the occasion. The service or arborist that you choose will be able to advise you of trees native to your area and the care needed for your choice so that it may thrive for many years. Alternatively, a nursery can point you in the right direction for gifting a tree in a reforestation location of your choice.


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