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Let’s Talk About Florida Keys Fishing Charters



Bearing a streak of tropical islands, Florida is a highly sought-after destination for tranquil holidays. The coral islands are not only situated in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean but also have distinct attractions which make each of them desired.

There are five second-to-none destinations in the Florida Keys. Extending over 120 miles, we have Key West, Big Pine Key, Marathon, Islamorada, and Key Largo. With a sojourn to the Florida Keys, fishing, diving, snorkeling, and cruising are the main constituents of an ideal bucket list.

However, even with the diverse activities to engage in, fishing excursions are the most conventional across the five Keys.

Fishing in The Florida Keys

Florida is acknowledged as the fishing capital of the world for multiple reasons:

  1. Perennial fishing.
  2. Occasional sport fishing tournaments.
  3. Advanced facilities related to the fishing industry.

In addition to the incredible resources, Florida’s weather is delightful, therefore charming visitors, boosting tourism and magnifying the popularity of fishing in the Florida Keys. Nonetheless, there is no customary way of carrying out fishing activities.

How is fishing done in the Florida Keys?

Varying with the habitat to be toured, there is a scope of exceptional fishing that can be done:

  1. Surf fishing.
  2. Fishing on a party boat.
  3. Kayak fishing.
  4. Charter fishing.

Among the different ways of fishing in the Florida Keys, there is more inclination towards charter fishing, since more fishing ground is covered. The Florida Keys is a series of several islands which most people love to explore exhaustively. Cruising on a boat allows easy navigation across the Keys and on account of this, the ultimate preference is charter fishing.

Florida Keys Fishing Charters

While considering engaging in exclusive amusement fishing on a leased vessel, there are plenty of alternative fishing charters to choose from. Among these options, Key West Fishing Charters are quite common. This is attributable to a large number of visitors frequenting the Key West for recreational fishing and other activities like scuba diving.

How Do the Fishing Charters Work?

Key West Fishing Charters and other Florida Keys charter companies have a variety of services offered to their clients. The common factor is that the companies are in charge of the boats, fishing tools, and other gadgetry. Also, once a catch is made, the companies help clients in cleaning and packaging. Other services are dependent on the specific Chartering Company selected.

There is an option to either cruise close to the shores or sail afar into the Atlantic waters. Deep-sea charters, unlike normal charters, allow anglers to get further into open waters. The further you get from the shore, the more fish species you encounter. Sailing on a deep-sea charter requires anglers to possess cruising expertise.

The cost of fishing charters is not standard due to dependency on multiple factors such as:

  1. The number of people to be on the boat.
  2. Type of fishing boat needed.
  3. Duration of the trip.
  4. Whether you use your fishing tools or hire the company’s equipment.

To ascertain that the fishing experience will be mind-blowing and worthwhile, you need to be very prudent while selecting a location and a charter package.

Aspects to consider while organizing a fishing excursion

Below are some of the factors that require appraisal before setting out for that dreamy fishing voyage:

  1. Type of fishing: Whether offshore, inshore, or reef fishing.
  2. Size of the party: Do you plan to tour on your own or in a group?
  3. Locality: The charter selected should be situated close to your residence.
  4. Trip duration: The longer you spend, the more probable you are to have a massive catch.
  5. Type of boat: Different boats cover varying distances and some cannot cruise flatlands.
  6. Cost: Abide by the set budget if possible but be sure to realize value for your money.
  7. Fish genus target: Some fish species can only be baited at a specific time and spot.


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