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Pass Your Driving Test By Avoiding These Mistakes



If you plan on sitting your driving test in the near future, you can easily increase your chances of passing your test, with LearnerToDriver and by avoiding some of the easily avoidable mistakes that are listed below.

Don’t ignore your car’s mirrors:

Always make sure to check your mirrors so that you are always aware of the possible dangers on the side of your car and behind your car. As an example, if you check your mirror’s you may see a bicycle cycling next to your car or that there are kids playing on the road, behind your car that you don’t want to reverse into accidentally. So always make sure to keep glancing at your mirrors.

Also keep in mind that your car’s mirrors are handy when you want to turn left or right, chance lights, or wish to overtake a cyclist or motorist.

Don’t try to drive with one hand:

While it’s acceptable to take one of your hands off your wheel in order to change gear or to indicate which way you’d like to turn, generally you should keep both of your hands on your driving wheel. If you try to drive with just one hand on your wheel, you’ll most likely fail your driving test.

Don’t let your steering wheel spin back to its original position:

If you have a habit of turning a corner and then letting go of your steering wheel, it will spin back to your original position.

Don’t steer too fast or too slow:

You’ll also learn valuable points if you steer too fast or too slow as both actions can be dangerous.

Don’t ignore traffic signs:

Make sure to pay attention to every traffic sign which you see. As it’s possible to fail your entire driving test by failing to follow one traffic sign. Especially if you fail to abide by a give-way sign.

Don’t stop at an orange light when it’s safe to keep driving:

You should only stop at an orange light if it’s not safe for you to keep driving. If the road is clear and you can safely drive on, do so.

Make sure that your car is in the right position in your lane:

You should keep your car at the center of the left side of the road at all times. However, don’t worry as you can still venture a little left or right in order to successfully avoid potential dangers or hazards.

Don’t drive faster than the speed limit:

Perhaps most importantly, remember to adhere to the speed limit in each area that you drive in.

In conclusion, if you want to pass your driving test the first time around, so that you’ll be able to drive with passengers in your car with a full licence, it’s well worth avoiding all of the driving mistakes which are listed above. So what are you waiting for? With your new knowledge, it’s a great idea to book a driving test.

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