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Setting Up Your Permanent Home Office



While many of us are headed back to the office, many companies have decided it is more efficient to keep their employees working from home. Sure, your kids may be back to in-person learning, and while you were able to set up your child’s distance learning space in a pinch, you may be struggling with how you want your permanent home office to look and feel. Let’s look at some ways to make setting up your home office easier on you and ensure it’s a space you’ll feel not only comfortable but productive in.

Designated Areas Matter

Just like boundaries are essential in other areas of life, making sure you have a designated home office space is critical. Suppose you have a spare room to select solely for your ideal office; if not, it’s worth investing in room dividers to give you the feeling of seclusion. Households can be distracting, from children to pets and even televisions – so making sure you have four walls to protect you from all that is vital.

Comfortable Equipment

You want to make sure you have all the comforts you had in your former workplace that made your workday as efficient as possible. So, if you’ve been using the kitchen table as a desk for the last two years, it’s time to invest in a legitimate office desk. Depending on your style, there are several ways you could go – a standing desk converter is excellent if you want the flexibility to stand while working.

If your budget constricts you, you can look on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to find a used desk at a deal! When it comes to seating, make sure you’re supporting your spine to stay healthy while working. In addition to your desk and seating, invest in anything else you may need, like wireless printers, fax machines, or filing cabinets.

Save Space Whenever Possible

Most office spaces are traditionally quite large and open – this helps your mind not be cramped or feel overwhelmed. So, if the size of your home office limits you, it’s a good idea to purchase furniture that serves as storage too. Cube shelves are great, and things can be hidden easily in decorated baskets. Your desk should have a drawer to keep things you don’t need out of sight to keep your mind decluttered and productive. Instead of a filing cabinet, you could instead get a hanging and cascading organizer. Saving space is not only more visually appealing, but it also helps keep distractions at bay which is essential when working from home.

Add Personal Touches

While you’ll likely be on multiple video conferences a week, you want to have a professional and stylish backdrop to these meetings. It’s also an excellent way to help your coworkers and peers know a little bit about yourself since you won’t be gathering around a break room table anymore. Investing in decor that shows your personality is a great idea. You can also display any degrees or accolades you have framed or have won in the background. Bookshelves lined with literature related to your profession can also serve as decoration if you’re not into the idea of spending money on unnecessary knick-knacks and wall decor.

Liven Up the Space

These days you likely know plenty of people whose home aesthetic is a jungalow, or you have a friend or two that is a proud plant person. While you may not have a green thumb yourself, it’s still an excellent idea to liven up your space with a few houseplants. Plenty of plants are nearly impossible to kill and require little light and infrequent watering. Especially if you live alone or will be working long hours alone in your home office, having some cheerful plants in the room will be a great mood booster.

Working from home is a privilege that many people don’t have. On the flip side, you may be mourning the loss of an in-person work environment. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of people who work from home permanently now, your space will be comfortable and productive by implementing the tips mentioned earlier. So, make the space your own and enjoy saving money on commuting and a work wardrobe!


I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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