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Should New Entrepreneurs Rely on HR Software?



If you’re an entrepreneur who is more people-friendly and isn’t altogether a fan of Human Resources, how should you approach HR software? Given that some entrepreneurs became one partly to avoid being an employee any longer, it’s an understandable feeling. However, it overlooks some clear benefits to using HR software in your business.

To convince you, here is how HR software can assist you in creating a company based on good standards for employees.

Don’t Rely on Ad Hoc Solutions

As an entrepreneur, you’re being pulled every which way. This might be part of the fun of the role for you, but it can cause added difficulties for the business.

Remaining organized from an employee standpoint is necessary to ensure everything is done correctly. Not having satisfactory employment procedures and standards leads to not being clear about when someone has crossed a line. Or what the consequences of that should be.

Relying on ad hoc solutions for HR can cause problems a few months later when the first staffing concerns begin to arise. Then you’re left running to catch up with what should have been put in place from day one.

Scale HR as Fast as the Businesses Does

When you’re a high-flying entrepreneur capable of generating rapid growth in a new enterprise, you trust that your nascent business will expand rapidly. How can the Human Resources team scale as fast as the business and not fall behind the expectations curve?

A superior HR software solution like the one from Zenefits will allow the HR team to keep up with new hires, smooth out onboarding wrinkles, help with better employee management, and verify all employees before they come on board.

Streamline Background Checks for New Hires

When a month sees more new hires than current employees, you’re moving at an impressive pace. One troublesome issue with that is when bad apples are allowed inside the company while no one was paying enough attention.

A bad hire can lead to security concerns like data theft, unruly behavior on the premises, and other concerns. Sometimes, these can become a legal matter, which is a distraction for a new business and best avoided.

Automatic background checks for new potential hires are a good idea. The better HR software includes this type of feature. This allows the HR team to make an educated decision on the final decision for new hires.

Make Onboarding a Smoother Process

While onboarding is necessary for all businesses, a process that makes it a clearer experience for everyone is preferable.

Wherever possible, use HR solutions that include a self-onboarding feature. This allows new hires to proceed through many of the steps on their own. In so doing, it can speed up the completion of the onboarding process, making it better for busy HR teams and smoother for new hires too.

While some people-oriented entrepreneurs may prefer conversation over software when it comes to the hiring and managing of employees, businesses of any scale must necessarily add greater efficiencies. Utilizing well-developed HR tools capable of standardization to avoid hiring mistakes doesn’t need to exclude the personal touch.


I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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