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Emerging Ways to Enter the Metaverse You Need to Understand



There has been a lot of hype about the metaverse in the last few months, as the idea of going online to enter a virtual world gains ground. While blurring the lines between real life and the internet still seems confusing to many people, the following are some ways to help you understand the possibilities the metaverse offers.

Go to a Virtual Supermarket

Recent news reports on suggest that retail giant Walmart is planning to enter the metaverse. This is based on their new trademark filings that reveal plans to release a virtual currency alongside virtual goods and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Their listing mentions “members of an online community” connected by a computer network who will use the currency and tokens.

Other major brands have also started looking into the metaverse in the last year or so, with Nike, Gap, and Adidas among the companies all making moves to produce NFTs or otherwise sell branded gear on a virtual basis. Of course, as well as buying virtual goods for using online, this could also lead to practical applications such as carrying out your real-world grocery purchases in a store without leaving home.

Play Immersive Games

Much of the talk about the metaverse so far is around games. There is no doubt that gamers will discover a more immersive way of playing with VR headsets letting them feel part of the virtual world around them. It’s easy to imagine the metaverse giving an extra dimension to adventure games, RPGs, or shooters.

We can also imagine how other genres, such as puzzles and casino games, could be enhanced. If we look at the details of casinos on the website, we see that live dealer casinos are already listed as an option, alongside more traditional slots and table games. Casinos like Jackpotcity and Play Amo are among the sites where human dealers are streamed onto the screen for a more authentic atmosphere. The potential to enhance this option further via the metaverse is exciting, if a little unknown at present.

Buy Real Estate

The idea of buying virtual real estate might seem strange, but it’s the type of metaverse investment we need to get used to. Andrew Kiguel of was reported by Forbes as recently spending $2.5 million on real estate in Decentraland. This is the kind of huge transaction we can expect to see a lot more of in the future.

Decentraland is described on the official site as the “first-ever virtual world owned by its users”. It promises to let us explore villages, outer space, medieval dungeons, and more. At the time of writing, you need to enter with a PC or Mac using the Chrome or Firefox browsers and can explore as a guest or open a wallet to make transactions. Expect to see more virtual worlds like this appear online, with Sandbox one of the similar sites where players can buy land and develop on it. As more people buy virtual plots, the land should become more valuable, just like in real life.

These are just a few of the ways that the metaverse could change the way we see the world. With the options growing all the time, this is a subject that is sure to be in the news a lot more in 2022.


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