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Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairs



In the summer, with the air conditioning running, no one thinks about their furnace until the first cold day of winter arrives, and you want to turn on the heat. Unfortunately, your furnace does not work, and you have to call a repairer. Before the cold weather hits, the best thing to do is during one of the cool days of fall, turn on your furnace to make sure that it is working properly. A trained and experienced HVAC specialist should be called to service your furnace at least once a year. The technician will check all the parts of your furnace to make sure it’s running properly. If something needs replacing or repairing, the technician will let you know. It’s important to figure out furnace repair before the winter hits. Here are some signs that you can check by yourself either your furnace needs to repair or not.

Check the furnace installation manual

There are several signs that even if your furnace is working, it may need some repairs done so it will make it through the winter. One indicator that your furnace might need to be repaired, checked out, or even replaced is the age. Most of the modern furnaces today can be expected to function effectively for twenty to thirty years. If you did not purchase a new home, you might not even know how long it has been home. The homeowner may tell you, but if not, then if the original owner’s manual is still around, you can find the date that the furnace was produced and installed. The last way you can find out your furnace’s age is to call the manufacturer and tell the model number of the unit.


If you hear strange noises or rattles along with increased or irregular cycling on and off, there are all signs that your furnace needs to be repaired. 

Rust around the furnace

Look for any rust around your furnace’s inside or frame, which is a sign that it may be beyond repair and may need to be replaced.

Cracks or Bad odor

 Other signs that may indicate that you need repairs are any signs of damage like cracks or corrosion. Most furnaces give off a nasty odor when they activate after not being used for a long time. If your furnace produces this odor in long spurts after being run for a while or continually smell this odor, you need to call a maintenance specialist to check it out.

High utility bills

One less obvious sign that your furnace might need to be repaired is increased energy costs resulting in higher utility bills. When a furnace needs repaired, they start to operate less efficiently. If you are not sure what is wrong with your furnace, contact a repairer and have them check the furnace out to find out what is wrong and what it is going to cost to repair it. One thing to help your furnace run more efficiently is to regularly change the filters, especially before you turn it on the first time.

Experts do furnace repairs

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