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Student accommodation: A part of a student’s life



Once a wise man said that, “education is the power which can change the world”. This thought is very true, but these days educating your children are not an easy job. Especially for the students who are studying in a college. A college is a place where a large amount of students studies at the same time. A large amount of students is not the problem which is faced by the college; the problem is that some students come from different regions of the world. For example in a big city like Manchester, students come from all around the world for studying on their campus. Students who come from different often live in shared apartments in the city. Students housing Manchester in these apartments is a very tough job as sometimes too many people live in one apartment. Due to this, they have to use a shared en-suite. Using these en-suites is the most difficult thing for some of the students.

Students should not prefer to live in these types of shared apartments because the chance of drug usage in these types of apartments is high. This is because there is no other person who can guide these students. Rather students start to use drugs to reduce stress.

What should be preferred?

Students should go with on-campus accommodation rather than going to other private halls. Living in these types of apartments is far better than living in private apartments. The benefits of living in these apartments are given below-

  • Colleges provide apartments according to the needs of their students. Some students need to have a studio for their artwork, which is not provided in other apartments. Even dual occupancy studios are even offered for the arts stream students.
  • Colleges also provide shared apartments to their students but these apartments have a limit of students. In other shared apartments sometimes there is no limit of people.
  • A private hall of residents is built for the students are also taken care of properly by the college. The chance of theft is less on these accommodations. Students living in these private halls of residents have the benefit of reaching the classes on time as these buildings are built in the college itself. While students who live in private apartments sometimes have their apartments far away from their colleges. A city like Manchester sometimes has terrible traffic due to which students are late who live in private apartments.
  • Due to the limitation of on-campus accommodation, it is easier to use shared en-suites in these apartments.
  • The Biggest Benefit of living in these private halls of residents is that a student lives in a very friendly society. A student is always aware of what is going on the campus. It is easier to make friends in these campus accommodations as students have a lot of time to spend with each other. On the other hand, livings in other apartments that are out of the campus have a difficult time making friends. The society of the student may not be good and a student is also not aware of the happenings on the campus.

Things to see before taking a room

There are also a lot of things students should see and keep in his mind before taking a room in of residents-

  • The students who are from the arts stream should see whether there is a studio for the students for practice.
  • There should be a dual occupancy studio where students can interact with the other students while working on their projects.
  • En-suites should be neat and clean. The supply of water and the drainage should be working properly. The drainage system is the most important thing in an apartment. That’s why students should always check this before taking a room.
  • The biggest problem or fear in minds of the other students in of ragging. Students should be aware of these things. Ragging is a thing that can destroy the life of a student. It is a very serious matter and is now banned, but a student has to check whether there is any case of ragging in these private halls of residence.

College’s duty

College should ensure the students about some things so that the students can be comfortable while living in these apartments. The things which should be ensured by the college is given below-

  • In Shared apartments, usage of shared en-suite is regular. So it is the duty of the college that the en-suites should be kept clean. Immediate action should also be taken if a student faces any drainage problem.
  • Anti-ragging forms should be given by the college to the students so that every student should feel safe while living in campus accommodation. A heavy punishment and a fine should be kept on the students who still practice ragging while living in these apartments.
  • A college should provide a warden to a building where all students are living so that the students should feel safe from theft while living in these apartments. A warden should take care of any problem faced by any student. If a student faces any problem regarding fans or light in the apartment then he or she should inform the warden who will take care of that problem.
  • A college should also have a time restriction on the students so that students should not roam in the city like Manchester every day.

So in the end it is concluded that living in campus accommodation is far better than living in a private apartment as a student is partly tension-free from the worry that he or she should reach their classes at the time. Students living in these private halls of residence are always in the sight of their college. If they cause any problem or have any health issue then the collage can immediately call their parents. Even the on-campus accommodations are highly affordable and avail the students with the facility of food that most of the other accommodations don’t provide. Choose the student accommodation wisely because half of your college memories will be made here.


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