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The Advantages of Underfloor Heating



Underfloor heating is almost something you’ve heard of even if you don’t have it in your own home and let’s be honest, we all wish we had it! Its popularity is ever increasing and we can see nearly all homes having it in fifty years. Although many of us think it’s a modern phenomenon, it’s concept was actually created by the ancient Romans and the general idea of it hasn’t changed! So, if you’re not already sold, then we’re hoping you’ll be convinced after this…

Ease to Run

After all the disruption of installing under-floor heating, it needs pretty much no maintenance to keep it going. The warmup controls ensure that your heating runs in the most profitable way possible, meaning that you can choose when it goes on and off – perfect as you don’t end up paying for heating, you’re not using.

Energy Efficiency

Generally, under floor heating requires less energy to run than classic unsightly radiators. This is because it only needs to run on a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius or less in order to warm up the room. Meaning less energy used and lowers bills for you!

Compatible with most flooring types

The best part of under-floor heating is that it is compatible with most common flooring types, from laminate, luxury vinyl tiles to stone. However, before you set your heart of this invention make sure you’re clued up on what flooring is isn’t compatible with. For example, solid wood is a big no as the heat can cause it to warp and swell. With solid wood being a very popular flooring choice, it can come as a disappointment! Don’t worry though if you’ve fallen in love with real wood’s charm, engineered wood is compatible and it’s a bit more affordable!

Safety and appearance

Safety might not be something that comes to mind when it comes to underfloor heating, but it does play a part. As radiators get older, they wear out like anything. Next thing you know they’re leaking, or your little ones pulls it off the wall and we don’t want to imagine what this might do! With under floor heating, there’s no need for ugly radiators and nothing for the kids to burn themselves on.


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