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The best car shipping methods



So you are moving from one state to another and want your car relocation too. Well, there are many other reasons due to which you would need your car to be relocated. Either you want to buy a second-hand car, or you want to ship your brand new car. Deciding the best shipping service is daunting.

We will discover the best car shipping methods in this post and refer to this link These types of services are affordable and some expensive too. You can pick yours according to your budget. To get the best rates, you can also get quotes from different companies and compare the qualities which will help you in getting the cheapest and the best service available.

Different types of car shipping methods

Several companies provide you with different car transport services. Let’s have a closer look at each type of shipping method in a detailed manner.

1. Have someone drive your car

In this method, you need to hire a driver, or you can even ask your friend to drive your car at your place. This is the most straightforward and cheapest way to transport your vehicle.

2. Put your car on the open trailer

Open trailers are other cheaper options available. In this, the car shipping companies put your vehicle on a free trailer. The car’s exterior is completely protected and covered. This step will protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions and scratches and dents too.

3. Put your car on a closed trailer

This is an expensive method to ship your vehicle. As in this shipping method company ship your car entirely covered in a fast trailer. This is the best shipping method if you want to ship your brand new car as it will protect your vehicle from all different kinds of damage.

Factors affecting the cost of shipping your car

Along with selecting the type of service, there are many other factors which affect the costing of shipment. On average, the estimated cost of shipping your charge will come around $500 to $2000. Let’s check those parameters too.

● Distance: Distance is the most obvious factor which decides the cost of your shipping. With the more considerable distance to be covered, the price is more as compared to a shorter length.

● Car model and size: Depending on your car size, the company checks how much space is your car model going to occupy. If it occupies more space, then the charges are raised too.

● Delivery time: If you want your car to be delivered on the specific rigid time frame. The shipping company can charge you extra for additional facility and efforts.


Once you are delivered to your car, you need to make sure that you got your vehicle in the appropriate condition. You check the before and after products for your vehicle that will help in analyzing if your vehicle has got any dent or damage. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can call or connect with the help desk and raise your concerned issue. Also check whether your brakes, lights and keys are properly working or not. Now you can quickly choose among any car transport services that suit your needs and budget.


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