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BarxBuddy Dog Training Advice: Teaching Dogs To Come When Called



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What is Dog recall training? Dog recall training is the type of training that teaches your dog to answer you on command. In dog recall training, we have ‘reliable recall’—which means an assurance that you have that whenever you tell your dog, ‘come’ or you call its name, it will happily come to you.

Dog recall training is essential for all your puppies, and you must understand how to do it right if you want your dog to always come to you on command.

BarxBuddy, one of the foremost dog and pet product company, has weighed in on some of the most beautiful, non-harmful methods to perfect a dog recall training. BarxBuddy, an innovative dog and pet product company, was founded by three friends and dog owners.

Before creating BarxBuddy, the friends realized that most dog training methods were either too expensive or harmful to the dogs. They would eventually come up with the Training Device, a signature product.

BarxBuddy’s products and principles are based on their beliefs that a dog needs care, love, and attention when incorporated into a home. These beliefs are in line with the best pet insurance company available known as Bivvy. Bivvy is pet insurance done right, and at a price, you can afford.

My dog doesn’t come when I call its attention

Factors that may lead to your dog’s reluctance to answer your call includes:

– You may have told your dog ‘come’ too many times that it mistakes the command for something else or associates it with a bad experience.

  • You yell at it when it comes to you: A dog’s reluctance may also be because you once—or more than once, yelled at it when it came to you; therefore, the dog has associated the command with something unpleasant.
  • Distractions: Your dog may not come to you on command because it is distracted with something more interesting.

Teaching your Dog to Answer you on Command

Dog recall training is essential for dogs—especially when they are between 7 and 8 weeks. Even if your dog has grown and has already formed a habit of not responding to your call-command, with some of BarxBudy’s innovative solutions, your dog will be able to respond to orders in no time.

There are certain games that you can play with your dog to help her always run to you when you say ‘come’ or call its name:

Go and come: In this game, you will throw a less desirable treat, like kibble, to your dog. Before she finishes the kibble, entice her with a high-value treat. She will happily come running to you. Ensure that she is sufficiently praised after she leaves the kibble and comes to you.

Hide and Seek: You can play hide and seek with your kids and dog and still teach the dog how to respond to call command. To achieve this, hide with your child behind the curtain or in another place away from where your dog is. Call her and when she finds you, give her a treat, and praise her.

You can also get your dog’s attention and then immediately take off. Make enticing noises and if your dog runs to you, give it a nice treat, and of course, praises. Remember that you have to make funny, high pitched, and exciting sounds to pique your dog’s interest.

Races: Two people can only play races. Someone will hold your dog; while you move away; when you are sufficiently far from your dog, call it. If it answers you, reward it with treats and praises.

Recall retrieving: With this technique, you will not be giving your dog an eatable treat; instead, you throw a retrievable object to her, and as she returns the item to you, tell her ‘come.’ Do it a couple more time. It’s a fun game that will help your dog understand the ‘come’ command.

A few Things to note

These methods are proven, and they should be done without you yelling at your dog. If you yell, you will instill fear in her, and she may be reluctant to come to you another time.

Just like human beings, your dog should always be treated with respect and love.

Do not ever chase your dog—this will prove counter-productive to your recall training.

A dog recall training takes time and consistency; therefore, you should begin as soon as possible.

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