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Things To Do When You’re Divorcing an Addict



Addiction of any form, whether it be to drugs, alcohol, gaming, or anything else, is a significant problem for any family. They often do not make a financial contribution to the household and, instead, steal money or valuables belonging to the family or make off with other items from the home. However, aggressive behavior is the very worst of all behaviors since it has an effect on every family and sets a precedent for children to imitate for many years to come.

It is useful to assist the spouse in coping with addiction if the partner acknowledges the gravity of the illness and is prepared to take steps to remove themselves from the addiction. But when addiction takes over a person’s life, a woman must confront the reality of living with such a guy and get your divorce online; her husband is an addict with a habit that has persisted throughout his life and he has no desire to quit.


It might be challenging to do reliability testing in real time. A person is aware of the crime he is performing up to the time when he “gets engaged,” and he makes every attempt to cover it up before reaching that stage. Because of this, a lot of women are interested in finding out, “What are the indicators that my spouse is doing drugs?” The individuals who are in charge of creating drug treatment allowances have replied by bringing up a few crucial things that are to be kept in mind. These are the aspects you may notice when living with an addicted spouse:

  • change in one’s outer appearance; one quits caring about how neatly and cleanly one dress, washes, etc.; change in one’s internal state of mind.
  • the emergence of a new dubious social circle;
  • change in tastes and need for food intake;
  • disruptions in sexual life: increased libido or refusal to have sexual intercourse;
  • insomnia;
  • sudden outbursts of aggression for no apparent reason;
  • mood swings: sudden hyperactivity and fun are abruptly replaced by apathy and depression within a short period of time;
  • periodic loss of orientation in space and deterioration in the coordination of movements;
  • deterioration of memory and ability to think.

At first, strange odors, syringes, pills, powders, and other stuff started turning up at the apartment. All of these clues lead to the man’s newly developed drug habit. If you or someone you know has a problem with salt addiction, you should exercise caution around any bags that include white powder residues as well as the names “mephedrone,” “methylone,” or «ephedrine.”


Immediately filing for divorce if the husband is a drug addict, is necessary for the following patterns of addiction:

  • he categorically denies the existence of any dependence;
  • screams that he can quit at any moment and does not agree to treatment for anything;
  • shows aggression, raises his voice, beats his wife and other family members;
  • steals money and things from home, does not go to work;
  • lies about where he was, and proves that he did not use anything.

This should be sufficient proof to convince the woman that there is no chance of recovery from her illness. When a lady wants to give her children the greatest possible start in life, both materially and psychologically, she may find that the only alternative available to her is divorcing an addicted husband.


When the husband has a problem with salt, it makes the process of getting a divorce more difficult, even though it provides you with the order to show cause in family court. If he has any inkling that you have such plans, he may fly into a rage, which may result in the destruction of furniture as well as possible serious injury or even death for his wife and other members of the household. If he has any inkling at all that you have such plans, he may go into a fit of wrath. Under these conditions, you shouldn’t try to agitate him or threaten to divorce him; instead, you should divorce peacefully while following the counsel of expert legal and mental health specialists.


You need to understand that addiction and divorce are actions following one another. The news that the drug addict’s wife has filed for divorce would never allow him to maintain his composure in the face of such devastating information. If he sends you a summons, it is in your best interest to steer clear of the region where he is located until the matter at hand has been handled.

All danger must be eliminated, hence you must do the following:

  1. Without mentioning that they desire a divorce or that they have any intentions of moving away with the children (for example, to say that you need to visit your parents). Getting a temporary registration at the new location is the best line of action to take in this situation.
  2. When trying to demonstrate parental residence in court, taking the necessary legal procedures to enter the workforce or form a firm will make the process much simpler.
  3. After then, you or your attorney can legally begin legal action by filing a complaint with the court. This is the first step in the legal process (if it is very scary to see your spouse or there is no desire, it is better that he simply does not know about the location of the former family). Be sure to include a comprehensive justification of your claim, as well as a copy of the original marriage license and certified copies of the children’s birth certificates, and attach these items to the claim form.
  4. It is possible to expedite the divorce processes and enhance your position in discussions over child custody and property division if you can include proof of your husband’s drug misuse in your petition for divorce. If you are able to do so, you should do so.


During the entirety of the divorce process, the topic of the children’s living arrangements ought to be brought up and discussed. Both the affordability of housing and the income of households will play a significant role in the prosecution’s case. If your spouse was an addict before the divorce was finalized, or if he became an addict after the divorce was finalized, you have nothing to worry about.

The subsequent step is to initiate the process of paying child support. A court order and the distribution of the funds can be accomplished in couples about to divorce. It is possible to file a petition for the appointment of child support payments at any time, including before, during, or after an action for divorce has been initiated.

The mother has exclusive discretion over whether or not the father is allowed visitation when divorcing an addict is her decision. If he poses no threat to them, they should be able to talk to him. It’s best to file a deprivation of parental rights action if he becomes a drug addict after the divorce and is a serious threat, or if he is now incarcerated.

A loved one should be helped in order to get out of his drug addiction. The mother’s first and foremost concern should be for her offspring. There is no use in holding out hope for a positive outcome when doing so might have disastrous results. In making the decision to divorce, I behaved responsibly.


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