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Top Trending Gifts for Girls for Various Occasions



“Presents are made for the pleasure of who has given them, not the merits of who receives them.”

When it comes to gifting, there would be absolutely no girl denying falling in love with the gesture. From wrapping glazy gift wrappers to the suspense which surrounds the act of gifting, gifts are what makes our lives happy and helps us to forget the miseries of our lives. Life blesses us with many such happy occasions or festivals that give us a chance to celebrate. Occasions like birthday, anniversary, Mother;’s day, friendship day or festivals like Diwali, Christmas, etc., come once a year and still bless us with sweet memories for life and beyond. If you are wondering what would classify as some trending yet versatile gifts for girls, then, here’s a list of the same. Hope you find the choice of gift, you have been looking to pamper your girl!

  1. Personalized LED Mirror – As personalised gifts are ruling currently over the web and are something versatile enough to be gifted to a girl, this personalised LED Mirror would help you ace your gifting game. For every girl who likes to dress up and look good, the mirror is her best friend. She can do her makeup, all day long and at the end of the day, she can ask her mirror – “…who is the prettiest girl one of them all?”
  2. Makeup Kit – Every girl since the very childhood days is made to believe that she is the real-life princess. Makeup would be something girls of every age group loves to put on while going out of date or stealing some from her mother’s dressing table. That is the reason a makeup kit of some good brand consisting of a set of makeup brushes, liner, mascara, foundation, primer, lip liner, lip gloss, concealer and other such products would lead you to any girl’s heart.
  3. Handbag – Getting all her things ready and organised at a single place as she hits the road in style is like every girl’s dream. And it comes true when a classy handbag has space for all her stuff that is gifted to her. If it comes in her favourite colour, then you are sure to qualify as the best gifter title, for sure.
  4. Grooming Kit – Do you know the reason why every girl loves to chill at a salon or spa? Because they love getting pampered, groomed and hygienic! A grooming kit makes an ideal gift for every girl out there as it helps it boost the confidence in the lady and also, makes her look charming as ever.
  5. Pair of Earrings – Earrings are one such kind of accessories which never goes out of style. So visit and gift your girl a pair of nice dangler, stud, drop or some ethnic piece of earrings. She is gonna love it to the core.

So, these were some of the top trending gifts for girls on a variety of special occasions. Which one of these gifts are you planning to go with?


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