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Unforgettable Escapes For Short Breaks In Australia



Short breaks are the best time to regain your energy by spending quality time from the busyness of your hectic routine. Instead of coming to work or class and getting stressed out while waiting for a long holiday to come, short breaks are your chance to discover new experiences by finding new friends from different backgrounds and delighting in all new journeys. If you haven’t decided on the destination yet, then it is recommended to spend short breaks Australia. Regardless of where you are based in Australia, you can always find the best spot to spend your quick vacation. Check out the following places and activities that you can visit.

  • Take in the beautiful view of 17 hectares of flowers

The Western Australian Botanic Garden is a place that occupied almost two-thirds of the Kings Park area in Perth. It has become a home to 326 varieties of domestic plants and more than 70 kinds of birds. It is one of the best destinations to release all the stress of working in a cubicle from Monday to Friday. You can finally enjoy freedom in green and open spaces.

  • Wander around the Rottnest Island

Get in all the beauty offered by the island with many stories from the past, incredible coastlines, and indigenous species that you cannot find anywhere else. Many tourists come from different cities only to meet the quokka, the most popular creature on the island. The island itself was named by the 17th-century Dutch explorers, they were inspired by these friendly and adorable mammals. Quokkas have enough resources from their native environment on this island and they are not threatened by any predators, so you can always observe their life in every season.

  • Learn to produce liquor

Short getaways should never limit you from discovering new things to learn. One thing that you can try during your short breaks is practising how to produce liquor for a day. Visiting Margaret River Distilling Company allows you to experience such an opportunity. One blending session in this company will not only let you learn to create your personalized formula of gin but also provide you with insightful knowledge of the background story of gin and what kind of techniques you need to master to manufacture liquor. In addition, you are also able to taste some of the products from the company.

  • Spot a stunning ocean view from the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

This lighthouse is one of the most frequently visited landmarks in the Cape region. You don’t have to worry about feeling exhausted to climb to the top, as it only has 59 stairs to the top deck. That is why children can also enjoy their time here.

It’s always exciting to pack your stuff into your suitcase for vacation. Whether you want to spend luxury tours or simple backpacking trips for your short break, make sure that you create beautiful memories for yourself that you will never forget. Do not hesitate to make time for a short getaway, because taking a break from your routine will help you to recharge and feel energized to do your daily activities.


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