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What factors should you consider when buying a smartphone for work purposes?



Today, it can feel like everyone has their own smartphone – but whether the smartphone you already have in your pocket would be suitable for business use can remain entirely its own question.

Of course, the exact nature of “business use” can differ from person to person. However, many businesspeople tend to have particular mobile requirements in common. Here are good examples of factors many workers ought to strongly consider when shopping around for a business-friendly phone…

Cellular coverage

The recent arrival of the iPhone 12 devices, with their headline feature of 5G connectivity, has reminded many people about the hype surrounding this new frontier in mobile networks.

However, while a 5G-ready phone can certainly make a future-proof asset, 4G connectivity is still perfectly capable of jumping many corporate hurdles. Just remember to look into utilizing a mobile service built strictly for the business market – as such a service, like Gamma Mobile, could afford your firm better cellular coverage.

Battery life

When you are away on business trips, you could find yourself with precious few opportunities to replenish your phone’s battery juice.

Therefore, it would certainly be convenient if, in the first place, you chose a particular phone model renowned for having relatively lengthy battery life compared to its rivals. Small Businesses Do It Better suggests also looking for a phone that would let you easily swap out its battery for a charged one should an emergency strike.


A physical keyboard is a rare feature in a smartphone these days, but you may still prefer one for those occasions when you anticipate heavy-duty typing on your mobile device.

That keyboard could help you to keep sore thumbs at bay if you will regularly create or edit documents or type lengthy emails on your phone. Lifewire advises you to test out a phone’s keyboard – whether it’s the physical or on-screen kind – before you decide whether to invest in the handset itself.

Screen size

You could find that a virtual keyboard more than suffices anyway if the phone has a particularly large screen, which would also make it easier for you to edit and email on your device.

In 2020, many modern smartphones – like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, with its whopping 6.7-inch display – are so large-screened that they practically resemble small tablets. However, that would bode well if you want to effectively multitask while on the go. Alternatively, you might prefer a smaller and easier-to-carry phone.

Camera quality

Smartphone brands are locked in fierce competition to produce what is generally deemed the best smartphone camera on the market. This relentless contest helps to drive up quality across the board, meaning great news for businesspeople seeking to quickly capture sharp photos for inclusion in, say, PowerPoint presentations.

Your phone’s camera quality can also affect the crispness and clarity of the live video other people – like your co-workers and clients – see when you get in touch with them through means of Skype calling and videoconferencing. Hence, you can more easily make a suitably professional impression.


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